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Bonelli Park

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Today I went down to the park to meet Gene for a ride. When we got there, Newton, Matt, and Philippe were getting ready for a ride. We had originally thought we would ride out to Upland to Dr. Bob’s Ice Cream, but I’d called and found out that they don’t open until 11:00, so they would still be closed when we got there. So we decided to just tag along on Newton’s ride.

We rode out through Arcadia and Monrovia to the Santa Fe Dam bike path. Then we went up to the ranger station at the mouth of San Gabriel Canyon. Having read The Control of Nature, I want to know whose bright idea it was to build houses right at the mouth of the canyon.

Continuing on through Glendora and San Dimas, we passed Daily Donuts. That’s part of the Lord’s Prayer, isn’t it?

When we got to Bonelli Park, we passed a church group out riding. I snapped a picture of the guy on the recumbent.

Later on, Matt got a flat when we were passing by Brackett Field in La Verne. This is Matt’s second appearance in the Flat Tire Gallery. He patched the tube, but when we started riding it went flat again almost immediately. We all decided that this didn’t constitute a ’second flat’, so I didn’t take another picture. Gene had two spare tubes, so he gave one to Matt, and we were soon back on the road.

Continuing on, we passed the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds, and then headed up the hill through the trailer park there. Then we took Via Verde across Picnic Valley and over the 57 freeway. After that, the road had a nice downhill where I hit 40 mph, which is easily the fastest I’ve ridden in 25 years. When I was younger, I regarded those “Watch Downhill Speed” signs as a challenge, but now I’m a bit more cautious.

Coming down out of the hills, we rode home through Covina and Baldwin Park

52 miles.

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