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Up on the roof…

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Lucinda asked to go up on the roof today. Doesn’t everyone let their five-year-olds go up on the roof? So we went up together. And since we were going up, I brought my tools along. The city had moved our electric service to a new pole, and the service wire was hanging a little low, so I figured I could just move the clamp up on the pipe thingy to get the wire off the gutter.

So there you have it. An idyllic day having quality time with our child up on the roof of our house…

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2 Responses to “Up on the roof…”

  1. Faith Says:

    That is the cutest picture ever! (Mental note, don’t let Sydney see it, she’ll be forcing me up on the roof before the weekend gets here.)

  2. Stan Says:

    Heh. Lucinda likes going up on the roof. She also likes going up in the attic. She’s always been a climber.

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