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F-86 Playground

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Today’s bike club ride was a visit to the park in West Covina with the full-sized model of an F-86 fighter jet in the playground. We’ve been here before, but it’s been a while, and I wanted a route that headed east for this week.

It was a nice day for riding. A bit cool at first, but promised to warm up nicely. The ride out was fairly standard. We were treated to an impromptu lowrider car show along the way. Apparently there was some sort of lowrider event happening at the Irwindale Speedway, and a bunch of them passed us on the way there, and when we rode by, we looked into the parking lot and saw it going on.

The stop at the park was a chance for a few photos, and also a bathroom break. Then we headed over to Panera for snacks and drinks. By now it was a nice day, and the ride home was very pleasant, aside from a couple flat tires.

40 miles.

Rout map and elevation profile

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