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Holodeck 9 Revisited

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A couple weeks ago, the Saturday Foothill group did the ride to see the Brady Bunch house. On the way there, I saw that someone had recreated the Holodeck 9 control panels in North Hollywood Park. This had happened before, back in 2020. So today’s ride was to go there and see if they had made all four panels again and how they were different.

We rode out out usual route to Burbank and then took the Chandler bike trail over to North Hollywood. We had snacks and drinks at Groundwork Coffee, and then we rode to North Hollywood Park. And four of the irrigation control boxes had new stickers on them with holodeck controls. One panel had a list of available simulations to run, which were all based on movie storylines. Another showed the bounds of the simulation, along with a warning that the simulation might be erratic outside those bounds. All in all, it was pretty entertaining.

Riding home through Toluca Lake, we heard some very loud crashing noises coming from the 134 freeway. We pulled over on a side street with an overpass, and we saw that there had just been a multi-car crash on the freeway. Yikes.

45 miles

Route map and elevation profile

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