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More stairs

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Tonight was the next-to-last practice climb before the CFF stair climb race on December 1st. Once again, I was looking to see if I could improve on my last year’s best practice time of 8:32.

I got to the building early for no particular reason. Just happened to make the train connections just right. So I sat around for a while before everyone else showed up. I’d made up a little card of split times and pinned it to my glove. And when it was time to go, I made a point of going first. I wanted to see how it would work out if I didn’t have to pass anyone. And it worked out well from the standpoint of being able to just concentrate on my stepping pattern and not having to go around anyone. But on the other hand, it’s terribly lonely being alone on an endless staircase with only my own thoughts for company.

I was a bit ahead of schedule at the two-minute mark. At four minutes, I was right on schedule. But at six minutes, I was about 10 seconds behind. I didn’t look at eight minutes, and I just tried to put on a burst of speed at the end. And when I got to 51, I had 8:50. That’s eight seconds faster than my last two practice climbs here, but it’s still 18 seconds slower than my best time from last year.

So that’s the story from the stairwell. There is one more practice in two weeks, and the race is two weeks from this coming Saturday. We will see if I can locate my missing stair-climbing-mojo between now and then.

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