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Today was yet another trip to downtown to climb the 777 Tower. I was hoping to possibly beat my time from last week, but in reality, if I came anywhere close to it, I’d be happy.

We had a big group from the office going downtown today. We rode the train, and, as usual, it was a pleasant trip. The LED-crawl signs in the Metro stations told us about the upcoming phase-out of paper tickets for the train, so we got to all weigh in on how stupid we think the TAP card system is.

We got to the building a few minutes early, got signed in, and we were in the first group up the stairs. I used my same set of split times from last week today. I made it to 10 and 20 a few seconds ahead of schedule. At 30 and 40, I was about 5 seconds behind. I put on a burst of speed from about 46 to 50, and I made it to the top in 8:28. That’s 5 seconds slower than last week, but still in the same ballpark, so I’m happy with that.

When NIck got to the top, he hammed it up for the camera a bit. We got some souvenir pictures on 50, and then we headed back down to do it again. Chris was right behind Nick, and Morgan was along just about a minute later. Looking down the stair shaft, I could see her glove on the railing. And Karina made it up the stairs too, which is not bad for a first-timer. She’s come with us to Millikan at Caltech, but that’s only 10 stories. This was her first time doing a big building.

The second time up, I planned on taking it easy. Chris shadowed me all the way up until about 45. That’s when another guy passed us, and I decided I was going to race him the rest of the way up. In the end, I got 9:53, which is not too bad for just loafing on the stairs.

It was a good outing.

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