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A brief look back

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This coming Saturday is the Aon Center stair climb, so today is the last day I’m planning on going there for the practice session. So as an exercise in look-how-far-we’ve-come, I decided to try a little experiment. The first time I did this, I averaged 12 seconds per floor, and I felt like I was gonna die! Now I’m averaging about 10, still feeling like I’m gonna die!. So I wanted to try going up at the same pace as my first time, just to see what that would feel like now.

I made up a split time card, with the aim of doing the 56 floors in 11:20. That’s pretty slow by my standards now, but it’s the same pace that I did the first time I did this climb.

Right from the start, I was having to hold back and deliberately go slow. When I got to 20, I was way ahead of schedule, so I slowed down a bit. At 32 I was a little ahead, but not much. And at 46 I was ahead again. I took it easy at the end, not really trying to sprint the last few floors, and I came out on 60 at 11:00. So even trying to go as slow, I still ended up going faster than I did at my first race.

In any endeavor, it’s useful sometimes to stop and take stock of the progress one has made.

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