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I was out in the back yard checking on my upcoming tangerine crop today, and I noticed what looked like a big, weird weed behind one of the tangerine trees. Following it down, I could see it was growing out of the base of the tree. But it had different leaves and big thorns on it, unlike the rest of the tree. So I looked it up, and it was a sucker. They say to cut them off when they’re small, but it was far too late for this monster. i had to get the bow saw to cut it off. But at least now I know to check the tree periodically for this.

La Tuna Canyon

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Today’s bike ride was the classic La Tuna Canyon route. Out across Eagle Rock and Glendale, and then back by way of La Tuna Canyon and Montrose. It was a little chilly in the morning, but turned out to be a very nice day.

Not much remarkable happened along the way. The only bad thing was when we were going up La Tuna Canyon and I got a flat.

On the way home across Altadena, I saw people putting up the lights on Christmas Tree Lane. They told me that they have a pulley mounted at the top of each tree to make it easier to haul the lights up without someone having to climb all the way to the top every time.

And finally, I went by to see if the wallabies were out. And they were both lounging on the grass in the front yard.

41 miles.

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