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Horses, again

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Due to her mom’s new job, I had to take off work this afternoon to take Lucinda to the last day of horseback riding. This is only the second time I’ve taken her there, and the other time was the first time.

I was hoping they’d be riding in the ring, but they did a trail ride instead. So I just took a few pictures as they mounted up to leave, and a few when they got back. In between I read a book I’d brought along. Still, it was nice to see Lucinda enjoying the horse experience. And oddly enough, she rode the same horse today that she’d ridden on the first day.

Pictures are in her photo album.

Closing in on the goal

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The earthquake last Sunday evening brought in about 1,500 new subscribers for the Earthquake Notification Service (aka: My Pet Project). The subscriber list now stands at just over 148,000. I’m still planning on having a party when it reaches 150,000, which will likely be sometime around mid to late June.

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