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Sunday morning’s flat ride

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Today’s ride was a flat one. It’s a route I made up last year that tries to avoid most hills. We did this ride on this same weekend last year. I figured this would be a good choice, since I was up late last night, and didn’t get to ‘lights out’ until 2:00.

As it turned out, the lack of hills just made everyone go faster. So it was still a bit of a challenge. But it was fun. I added a few miles at the beginning as a warmup, and a few at the end to run a quick errand. And I was still home by 11:30. So it was a good ride.

46 miles.

Fun on a Saturday night.

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The redacted party was pretty fun. Lorem ipsum dolor dolor dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed ullamcorper sodales massa sit amet tempus. Etiam enim nisi, malesuada vel vestibulum eget, elementum eget felis. Nunc sed rhoncus nulla. Morbi semper, sapien et semper varius, purus quam consequat diam, sed auctor est purus at dolor.

We Really, now. You should know by now that I’m just putting this fake text in here as a teaser. “OH FUCK!” But at the same time, what you’re probably imagining is very likely not far off the mark. Heh heh heh. So overall, it was a fun time.

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