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Lucinda’s 10th birthday party

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Today was Lucinda’s 10th birthday party. Her actual birthday was a few days ago, but we had the party today so she could have puppies there.

The kids started arriving at 11:30. I cooked up a giant batch of Pad Thai noodles with chicken for them. Everyone had lunch while waiting for the puppies to arrive. They showed up at 12:30 as scheduled. The kids all got to sit down in the pen and pet and hold the puppies. The puppies were a big hit with the kids.

After the puppies left, we went inside for cake and ice cream. As always, I made the cake, although the decoration was one I ordered from Gogo Cake in West Hollywood. Lucinda wanted a platypus on her cake, and they have an application that allows for uploading a picture that they print on a thin sheet of icing to be placed on the cake.

This year, the karaoke machine came out and actually got some good use. The first time Lucinda tried to have karaoke at her party it didn’t work out very well. That time the kids were too self-conscious to sing. But this time they got over it and had some fun doing it.

After everyone left, Lucinda opened her presents. She had a very fun day.

As always, the pictures are in her photo album.

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