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This evening I met up with Susan and her father for dinner. He’s visiting her for the Super Bowl, and we all went out for dinner at The Bahooka in Rosemead. I’d seen this place every time I took the dogs to the kennel before trips last summer, and it looked like an interesting experience. And it was.

We had martinis at the bar before sitting down for dinner. While we were at the bar, we were all fascinated by the soft-shell turtle in one of the fish tanks below the bar. I never knew that a turtle could have such a long neck. When we sat for dinner we all had the ribs, which were quite good.

It was a fun evening.

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  1. Jodi Says:

    Bahooka! I love the decor. I don’t recall the food being great (except the “crab puffs” appetizer was tasty!), but I love that they will bring ANY drink to you with a flame. Even a soda.

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