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Frontiers of appliance repair

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I like to bake. And tonight I went to bake something. But when I turned the oven on, nothing happened.

This was very distressing.

So I went to the trusty Internet and consulted the Oracle of Google. And I found out that this is a fairly common problem with my oven. The igniter fails with age. But it’s not too hard to fix. So I ordered a new one tonight. And I hope to be baking again by some time next week.

4 Responses to “Frontiers of appliance repair”

  1. nolandda Says:

    If it is just the ignitor you should be able to light your oven with the flaming end of a wooden chopstick or skewer. That way you can bake until the new one comes in.

  2. Michelle Says:

    What nolandda said. Just don’t burn your eyebrows off. I like to bake too. It’s a very, very bad thing. I wish I liked to take 50 mile bicycle rides as well.

  3. stan Says:

    Sadly, it’s not that simple. There is a safety switch for the gas. The gas valve won’t open unless the ignitor is hot enough to light it. So there’s no gas to light by hand. And besides, if I could light it by hand, I’d have to re-light it every time it needed to cycle on and off to maintain temperature.

  4. Appliance Repair Guru Says:

    Although it is not fun to replace, it is worth it to do it on your own. Just make sure you know what you are doing to avoid injury. I hope you get it fixed soon so you can get back to baking. Good luck!

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