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Cast your bread upon the waters

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1 Cast your bread upon the waters,
for after many days you will find it again.

2 Give portions to seven, yes to eight,
for you do not know what disaster may come upon the land.

3 If clouds are full of water,
they pour rain upon the earth.
Whether a tree falls to the south or to the north,
in the place where it falls, there will it lie.

4 Whoever watches the wind will not plant;
whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.

5 As you do not know the path of the wind,
or how the body is formed in a mother’s womb,
so you cannot understand the work of God,
the Maker of all things.

6 Sow your seed in the morning,
and at evening let not your hands be idle,
for you do not know which will succeed,
whether this or that,
or whether both will do equally well.

Ecclesiastes 11 (New International Version)

I was curious, and last night I found out that I’m #1 in Google again for a search for “I hate Texas“. It’s always nice to be #1 at something. But it’s kind of funny, since I really don’t hate Texas any more like I used to. Even though I was tremendously unhappy living there, it’s turned out that my experience there has been a very positive thing in my life, especially now in 2008 Los Angeles. That’s one of life’s little Funny Stories.

This year has been a Trying Time, with Cathy leaving me and all the attendant misery that entailed. But the turning point was when I found out about how the club I started in Texas back in 1993 has turned into a Big Deal. It made me a minor celebrity in certain circles here in L.A. And it also led to my connecting with Susan, which was truly wonderful. So something that only happened because I spent my unhappy time in Texas has had a tremendously positive effect on my life here and now, and right at my Darkest Hour. It’s truly one of those ‘cast your bread upon the waters’ stories.

(And I’m sure that nobody who knows me ever thought I’d be putting Bible verses on my web site. But it just seems appropriate in this case.)

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