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Paradise and Purgatory

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Today’s club ride was out to Glendale to stop at Paradise Bakery. They have the best chocolate eclairs I’ve ever had. The ride over was kind of a roundabout route, but that was nice, since it’s not really all that far away. We rode up into La CaÖada and then over the hill on Chevy Chase into Glendale. Then up and over another hill on Glenoaks before settling down for the straight stretch out to Paradise.

We had some nice pastries at the bakery. And then it was time for the ride back. This was the purgatory part. The route back went up and over Mountain Ave in Glendale. This is not a huge hill. It’s not the steepest hill. But it’s just steep enough and long enough that it’s really an experience to ride it. And it’s one of those hills that just keeps on giving. Just when it looks like the top, around the next bend there’s some more. I like it.

Overall, it was a fun ride, even though I had to cut it a bit short to get home by noon so Lucinda and I can go to see the bike races at the velodrome in Carson.

40 miles.

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