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Green Olive

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Route map

Today’s ride was a new route that Gene calls “Green Olive, but no Martini”. As you can see, we went on Green and Olive, so there you have it.

Before we even got out of Pasadena, JJ got a flat. So I got a picture for the Flat Tire Gallery.

We headed up into La Cañada, where I saw yet another mailbox with hot-rod flames. This makes five now. Pretty soon, I’ll have to make a special photo album just for them.

A little while later, in La Crescenta, I found yet another abandoned couch. So I got a picture for the Abandoned Couches Blog.

After lots of fun riding up and down the hills in La Crescenta, we headed down the hill into Glendale. Then we turned left and went up Mountain Ave. This street is aptly-named. It’s a good climb, and it just keeps on giving. Every time it looks like you’re at the top, there’s a little more. But there was a nice view of downtown Los Angeles from the top. It made a nice backdrop to the pictures of Ben and Gene cresting the hill.

We came down the hill and headed back into Pasadena. Our snack stop was at the Corner Bakery on Lake Ave. And then we headed home. It was a perfect day and a nice ride.

42 miles.

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  1. Faith Says:

    Wow…I’m exhausted just looking at the pictures! You are a FAR better man than I’ll EVER hope to be…
    Thanks so much for stopping by, you don’t know, can’t even imagine how wonderful it was to know someone still noticed/cared that I was still alive!
    I’ll be waiting for the mailboxes with flames album. Some neighbors of mine go on this annual ride across Georgia…I can’t remember the name of it, but anyway, they said one of the teams took pictures all along the way of all the “roadkill” they came across. Often posing them with beer cans and such. Yep…that’s Georgia for you, dead possums and bud!!

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