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A day in San Diego

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On Saturday, we had to go down to San Diego for the day. My cousin’s girlfriend is having a baby, and Cathy agreed to organize the baby shower for her. So Cathy and Lucinda went over there, and I visited with my father. We got together with my uncle and cousin, and the four of us went out to lunch.

Since we were going out, my father suggested going to Prado in Balboa Park. Apparently, it’s his favorite restaurant. When we got there, they said it would be a 40 minute wait, so we sat down in the bar. I had heard that my old friend Laura was working there. I wasn’t completely clear on what she did there, but I figured I’d ask someone while we were waiting. But then I looked up, and there she was. Turns out she runs the place. She got us a table and told the staff to take care of us.

We ordered a squid appetizer, and Laura sent us the Kobe beef sushi appetizer, too. Both were very good. The main dishes we got were all great, too. The food was good, and the presentation was great.

At the end, Laura stopped by our table, so we asked her about what desserts were good. So we got the chocolate tart, the mango bombe, and the chocolate souffle cake. All were excellent.

Laura only was able to visit with us a little bit. I could see that she has a demanding job. Even when she stopped by our table, I could see that she was watching the whole restaurant like a hawk. She saw everything, and she was keeping track of it all. It was exhausting just to watch. And she does it all in four-inch heels. Wow.

But it was a good meal. The food was great, and the service was even better. And it was a treat to see Laura. So we had a very nice time.

By the time we finished with lunch, the baby shower was over, so we all headed home. On the way back, we took the back way through Temecula just to avoid the traffic. It was a long day, but it was still fun.

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