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Feets don’t fail me…

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Well, I was supposed to go riding today. I rode my road bike in this morning. But when lunchtime came, I changed my clothes and pulled the bike out into the hall. At that point I noticed that the front tire was flat. The front tire on that bike has a funky valve that sometimes doesn’t seat properly. So I reached for the pump to pump it up again. That was when I realized I had no pump. And I recalled Gene’s sage (and probably hard-won) words of wisdom:

“Each bike should have its own pump so you don’t have to remember to switch the pump when you switch bikes.”

Yep. Them’s words of wisdom.

So I changed back into my regular clothes and started walking. I walked to the bike shop that is closest to my office. In this case, it’s Incycle. I don’t go there often, even though Gene mentioned that we can get a discount for being members of Foothill Cycle. But since I was in a bind, it was the place.

I got there and found a suitable pump. I took it up to the register and asked if I could get my discount. The guy looked at me like I was asking to see Bigfoot. He rummaged around in the papers under the counter and finally, grudgingly, gave me the discount. Sheesh. The whole point of offering a discount on products to groups of people who are enthusiasts for your product is to create word-of-mouth to get people to patronize your business. And if they ask for the discount, that means it’s working. But then the exact wrong thing to do then is to treat them like they’re doing something wrong. That negates any possible good, since any time I tell the story of how I got a discount at Incycle, it’s going to be accompanied by the story of how the counter guy acted like he thought I was trying to examine his prostate. Sheesh.

But in the end, I have a new pump on my old bike, and I was able to pump up my tire for the ride home.

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