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Cathy and Lucinda were decorating the house for Valentine’s Day. Lucinda went around and stuck little hearts on just about everything that didn’t run away. Being that Ripley is 12 and very mellow, she didn’t run away.

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  1. Karen Says:

    Hmmm..decorating for Valentine’s Day?!?

    Gosh I feel like I just barely made it out from under putting away my Xmas Deocrations (and the Big wreath might still be hanging on the front of the house!)

    But Po’ Ripley…shes’ gonna hate when those stickers ome OFF. (ouch!)

  2. Michelle Says:

    My animals were mellow BEFORE I had Sage. Now they have nervous disorders. Cute pic.

  3. Dental Fort Worth Says:

    Nice pic! i make fun with my dogs every valentines! they look so sweet wearing red collar with hearts design on it and with red hair bands ..=)

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