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Tattoos on a chilly day

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tattoo show
Today I went out to the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds in Pomona for the winter edition of the Body Art Expo. I go to all the local tattoo conventions. I have a whole circle of friends there that I see nowhere else.

Today was a beautiful day, but chilly by SoCal standards. For a tattoo convention, this is a Bad Thing. The whole idea is to be warm and comfy so that everyone can show off their decorated skins. And that all breaks down when it’s cold.

Nevertheless, I soldiered on. I saw a bunch of my tattoo friends there, which was fun. I also met a woman with a trained rat on her shoulder. She said that it was a ’service rat’ that would alert her to impending seizures. The rat had a little leash with a tag that identifed him as a service animal. That was the first time I’ve ever seen a non-dog service animal.

God’s Girls had a booth there. My friend Erica models for them. She wasn’t there, but I stopped in and talked to them a bit, so I thought I’d put in a plug for them here.

It was a fun day. I took some pictures. I visited with friends. Pictures are in my tattoo conventions gallery.

3 Responses to “Tattoos on a chilly day”

  1. Jodi Says:

    Hopefully the convention was indoors!

    Yep, there are service monkeys, pigs, and apparently rats! Cool!

  2. Michelle Says:

    I love the rat service animal! How cool!

    I hope the tattoos weren’t put too off-kilter by all of the goosebumps.

  3. Jenny Says:

    “I’m a cynical optimist. Christian agnostic. Sarcastic by default.” (quote: Erica)
    Your friend is a new member to the cult of sarcasm. I think she should develop a little more before attempting to WOW us with her wordage. (B-O-R-E).

    I really don’t mean to be an a**. Your family website is so nice and sincere, it’s a letdown to follow a link found within your ’sites to a boring end, or some pay-per-use porn chat.
    Hope you don’t take that the wrong way,

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