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I have a dream…

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That someday we might see this all across this great land of ours:

Now I know it’s probably naive to think that the Republican Party could go out of business, but hey, everybody’s entitled to have a pipe dream…

3 Responses to “I have a dream…”

  1. Gilby Says:

    Hopefully that “For Lease” sign doesn’t mean they outgrew their current headquarters…but anyhow, I prefer your more optimistic take on it!

  2. Jodi Says:

    I tend to be more of a realist, but I like this dream of yours!

  3. Carol Elaine Says:

    Speaking as someone who’s pretty far left, I don’t necessarily want the Republican Party to go out of business. I just want to to actually go back to its roots and turn away from its current extremism. I’d also like to see at least another two or three other political parties to actually be viable – I’m not a fan of how politics are currently limited.

    Then again, I’m just a hairsbreath from being a Green. It would be nice to vote my conscience and have it count.

    But yeah, nice sign!

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