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Water Tower

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Route map

Today’s lunchtime ride was a new route. Down to South Pasadena, up the hill, and around the water tower. Seemed like a nice change.

We rode straight south from the office, through San Marino. We passed Lacy Park, going down the scarp of the Raymond Fault. Then we turned right and took Monterey Road through South Pasadena. At Via Del Rey, we turned left and rode up the hill, passing by the water tower at the top. Then we rode back down the hill and up to Mission to get to Arroyo.

A left turn on La Loma crossed the arroyo and went up a nice short hill. Then we took some small streets through the hills there to get to Colorado and Patrician Way. This was a very nice climb, followed by a winding descent down to Linda Vista. Then we rode around the Rose Bowl and took Green St back across Pasadena to the office.

It was a very nice ride, even if there were no sights remarkable enough for pictures.

18 miles at lunch, 26 for the day.

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  1. Doug Hansen Says:

    Hey Stan (or anyone who can answer)–

    How is that Via del Rey hill in South Pasadena? I ask because I lived there as a seventh grader and used to ride my ‘64 Varsity up that hill my recollection is that I could never make it to the top but I am not sure. Dying to come down there some day an ride it as an adult.

    Riding in Seattle these days.

    Thanks for your great riding blog!!

    -=Doug Hansen

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