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San Dimas and West Covina

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After yesterday’s debacle, today’s ride was very pleasant. Even if we didn’t really go anywhere in particular.

We started out from Victory Park and basically headed straight east all the way out to Azusa. Then we went south a bit and then east some more to Covina. It was almost completely flat, and with a slight headwind.

In Covina, we headed south and then dipped into San Dimas for a bit. We went up a couple of nice hills, and then started back. There was supposed to be a little ‘extra credit’ detour that took in a couple more hills, but we all missed the turnoff for that. Dunno why.

The snack stop was at Panera in West Covina. There was a very long line, but the bagels were good. Afterward, we took a group picture, since five of us were wearing our custom Sunday Morning Ride jerseys that Newton designed. Of course, since he picked the colors, he’s the one in the picture whose helmet matches.

The route back was pretty straightforward. Through Baldwin Park into El Monte. That was where I got the picture of the “PAINLESS DENTAL” sign with the fine print, “Our goal is“. Then up to Arcadia and back into Pasadena. We saw some peacocks in Arcadia.

It was a very nice ride.

46 miles.

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