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Twenty years…

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It’s April, and that means it’s time for our trip down to Seal Beach for dinner at Walt’s Wharf. That was the site of our first date. It was April 4, 1986. So this year marks twenty years together, which still sounds like a long time to us. We certainly don’t feel old enough to say, “We’ve been together twenty years”.

So we went down to Seal Beach. When we got to Walt’s, there was a wait. Apparently they don’t take reservations for dinner, so we got the little pager-thingy and went out walking on Main St. We walked down to the pier, but it was closed, apparently because they have some heavy equipment parked on it to repair a wall underneath. Then we browsed around in various stores until they had a table ready for us.

We were seated upstairs, just two tables over from where we sat the first time. We had a nice dinner, finished off with some killer desserts and a souvenier picture. So overall, it was a fun time, and a good way to mark twenty years together.

2 Responses to “Twenty years…”

  1. Len Cleavelin Says:

    A belated happy anniversary to y’all.

    Not that it matters, since I’m not with either ex-wife anymore, but I’d pay good money to even remember where my first date with either one was. Then again, I may just be suppressing those memories…. :-)

  2. Karen Says:

    Wow – Twenty years! (But that’s in a *GOOD Way*!!)

    My Hubby and I met in 1974 and similarly it feels **odd** to say we’ve known each other for so long – and sometimes it does feel like we’ve been married that long tooooo!! (in a *Good Way* *smile*)


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