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Nancy Drew

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Today they are filming a scene for a new “Nancy Drew” movie down the street from our house. It’s a simple scene, but as seems to be usual for these sorts of things, it takes all day. They have a big crowd of people setting up lights and such, but aside from that, there’s not a lot of action. The paper that they dropped off at our house said:

It will be a short scene which our actress knocks on the door looking for a certain individual who doesn’t live at that particular house. The home owner says “sorry”, and closes the door.

Still, this is only the second time in ten years that they’ve filmed at a house on our block, so it’s kind of novel.

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  1. erica Says:

    …when you live in the more ‘hood-centric parts of LA (aka “gentrified” areas, like where I live) there’s no shooting on your streets…no movie shootings that is.

    When you’re in Altadena, like my parents, then movies shoots and all its entailing eccentricities are a flavor of the month….

    Love that cloud covered picture.

  2. Karen Says:

    What Nancy Drew story is it? or a New-Story type Mystery for an updated 2006 version?

    I was a big Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys fan when I was a kid. (YIKES does that *date* my era or what!! *smile*)


  3. stan Says:

    They didn’t say anything more about the story. Just what would apply to us as neighbors of the house they were using.

    I see a lot of movie shoots going on around Pasadena. Even more than when we lived in Hollywood. They film a lot at Caltech and at the former St. Luke’s hospital up the street. But this is only the second time we’ve seen them filming at a house on our block.

  4. Michelle Says:

    So, you live in a Nancy Drew type neighborhood, huh? It’s good that they weren’t shooting “Bustin’ Loose in Da’ Hood.”

  5. Fred Says:

    Cool. I love it when they film in my part of the world. What street is that, where they were filming the Nancy Drew scene? The house looks familiar…

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