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Real Estate Madness!

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Everyone knows that the real estate market is insane here in Los Angeles. And so far, we’ve been absurdly fortunate in it through sheer dumb luck. While reading Curbed L.A. recently, I discovered, which has all sorts of information about real estate. I looked up our house and marveled at what they said it is worth now. More than triple what we paid for it back in ‘95. Yow.

Then I looked up our old place in Hollywood. This was our first little condo that we bought when we were married. And it was seriously little. 954 square feet. We had a hard time fitting all our furniture in it. But it was ours, and we were happy to have it. This was during the late ’80s real estate frenzy here, and we bought it when everyone was going nuts and prices were skyrocketing. We sold it about three years later, and although we didn’t know it at the time, we sold right at the peak of the boom. After we left, prices fell for four years.

So Zillow shows the sale history of our old place, and it says that it was sold in 1999 for $169,500. This is less than what we sold it for in ‘91. So that means that the guy we sold it to most likely ended up taking a bath on the deal. Oh well. If you’re reading, sorry about that…

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