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This is just funny

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Through a strange set of circumstances, I stumbled on this today. It’s a hoot:

3 Responses to “This is just funny”

  1. GraceD Says:

    Stan, big sarcastic thanks for the image that will not leave my brain for the next 48 hours.

    Did you know that Ron ‘Hedgehog’ Jeremy has a masters degree in education?

  2. Stan Says:

    A few years ago we saw the documentary about him, and he came across as a very funny and articulate guy. If you get a chance, see it. It’s very entertaining.

  3. funny Says:

    He was on the show on VH1 last year. The show was called Surreal Life. Takes a bunch of celebs and throws them in a house for few months. He seemed like a nice dude on the show.

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