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It was 27 years ago today…

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It was February 19th, 1978. I got up at some ungodly hour like 3:30AM to go down to Bud’s Bike Shop in Claremont to meet the guys who were going to give me a ride to the Malibu Time Trial. This was a little 10-mile time trial that used to be the first event of the Southern California racing season. The race started at something like 06:00. The course was out-and-back twice. They sent us off the line at 30-second intervals. This was good, since it meant that the guy who started before me was still in sight when I started. So I just concentrated on trying to catch him. When I did, I just chased the next guy in line. I passed at least two other riders that day. The photo is when I was turning for the second out-and-back. When it was all done, I was in second place for Category 2, and tied for third place overall with a time of 23:19. There were no prizes. It was just an opportunity to see how fast everyone was riding. And it was great fun.


Great Jumping Dogs!

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Our dog Buddy is a jumper. Lucinda likes to climb up on top of the bookshelf with a couple of dog treats. Then Buddy jumps up to get the treat. Ripley isn’t a jumper, but she is a good catcher, and she can catch a treat dropped from up there. So here is an “action shot” of Buddy in mid-jump.

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