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Went riding today with the Foothill group again today. It was chilly by So Cal standards when we left, but the sky was clear and the sun was up, so we all thought it was going to get warm later. As it turned out, we were sadly mistaken.

The ride was Gene’s ‘Horizontal Bomp’ route, which goes east for a bit, then south, and back west for a big, flat loop. The whole time we were riding, the clouds were getting thicker, and it felt colder and colder. Our stop was in Old Town at Il Fornaio. When we got there, we saw lots of people milling about in Old Town, and we realized that today is the Doo Dah Parade. So perhaps today was not the best day to be riding a bike around there. But we were already there, so we stopped at Il Fornaio and had a snack. Of course we also cooled off, so we didn’t really enjoy it all that much, sitting shivering on the patio. And then we saw dozens of idling buses on the street there and we realized that they were there to bring thousands of people to the Rose Bowl for the Billy Graham crusade today. So we thought that perhaps we should skip the part of the ride that goes past the Rose Bowl and just go around it to get home. So we skirted around the Rose Bowl and headed up towards the mountains. That was when we noticed that there was a little bit of snow on top of Mt. Lowe. The snow doesn’t usually come down that low unless it’s very cold around here. And as we headed up the hill, it got colder and windier. The last part of the ride was down a three-mile hill, with gusty crosswinds, dodging around fallen tree branches. I’d like to say it was fun, but it really wasn’t. We’d all had enough of being cold by then, and I was quite happy to finally get home and get inside the warm house. 35 miles.

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  1. Michelle Says:

    I heard about that Cali snow. Something else, this weather. (How’s that for small talk?)

  2. Stan Says:

    Snow is something of a curiosity here, since it usually doesn’t come down off the mountains. It usually is on the 8,000+ foot peaks, but when it shows up on the lower peaks, it’s usually because it’s cold all over. The coldest it’s been since we’ve lived here is about 36 or so, and normal winter lows are around 40. The temperatures on Sunday weren’t all that bad, but since we’d all expected it to get warm, nobody was really dressed appropriately. So it made for a miserable ride. Still, it’s not bad compared to those winter ice storms in Texas…

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