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Dinosaurs at the L.A. Zoo

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Today we went to the Los Angeles Zoo to see the dinosaurs confined there. The exhibit of animatronic dinosaurs was pretty good. One odd thing, though. They specifically said we were not supposed to take flash pictures in the exhibit, as if the flash might startle the animatronic dinosaurs and make them stampede or something. Still, it was fun. Lucinda liked the dinosaurs.

After that, we went and walked around more of the zoo. They had some more dinosaur exhibits, as well as the regular animals. A lot of the zoo is torn up right now because they are rebuilding the Gorilla and Elephant exhibits. The sign on the Gorillas said that they are away at other zoos right now, and some of them will be coming back when the new enclosure is ready. I suppose the others are being outsourced to India or something.

Overall, it was a fun time. There are some more pictures in Lucinda’s photo album.

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