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Magnum staircase

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After last week’s unsuccessful attempt at the Vertical Mile, tonight was time for a second try. I’m feeling quite a bit better. I estimate I’m running at about 95% of full capacity now. So I went downtown to try again.

My plan was to just cruise through the first four ascents, since the other times I’ve done multiples, it didn’t start to get really hard until the fifth time. And that plan worked pretty well tonight. I started to feel a bit slow on the fourth time up, so I thought the mile was in doubt, but I continued on anyway.

The fifth time was grim. I slowed down a lot. I think I made an error in not bringing enough water, and not bringing anything with sugar in it. I had a classic case of the bonk, as we used to say in my bike racing days. Still, I figured I’d just keep going as best I could and see how far I got. As you can see by the pictures, my times kind of fell off a cliff the last three times.

After six times up, it was about 6:40. I knew I had time for one more ascent, regardless of how slow I was going. But I knew that the mile was no longer possible. So I ground my way up the stairs one more time to finish seven ascents.

When I left the building, I stopped in at the Famima!! across the street and got a quart of Gatorade. I chugged that down standing on the sidewalk. And in just a few minutes, I felt a lot better. I think next time I will stop and get that on the way in, so I’ll have something to drink to keep my energy level up.

So my total for tonight: 357 floors, 4,830 vertical feet, 1,470 meters, and 7,882 steps. Total elapsed time: 1:54

I’ll be back Thursday to try again for the mile.


Weekend and animals

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This weekend was the San Diego edition of the American Lung Association’s stair climb. I’d originally planned on doing it, but after being sick this week, that just didn’t seem like such a good idea. But we’d already planned on going there to visit my father, and also to see the baby seals and the baby panda.

We went to La Jolla Cove on Saturday afternoon to see the baby seals. There were a lot of them out on the beach, and because it’s pupping season, they have the beach roped off to keep people away. So we got to see all the seals snoozing on the beach.

Saturday evening, we went to dinner with Dad at Costa Brava in Pacific Beach.

Sunday morning, we went to the zoo early, since we’d read that the baby panda was on display from 9:30 to 11:30. But when we got there, they told us that the baby panda was not going to be out today. Still, we got to see the other giant pandas, as well as the red pandas. And we also got to see a baby koala, which pretty much made up for the missing baby panda.

All in all, it was a fun weekend, even if it didn’t involve climbing any stairs.

Pictures are here:


First Attempt

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Last week, I’d been talking with Alberto about trying for a Vertical Mile, and we’d planned on making the attempt tonight. Sadly, I was sick this week, and I’m only 24 hours out from lying on the couch with a fever. But since we’d decided to try, I figured I’d give it a shot. If it didn’t work, I could just stop.

So we got to the building a little early and got suited up. We were the first ones on the staircase, and the first two ascents went well. We were right on schedule. Then, on the third time up, I started to get dizzy at about the 17th floor. I knew that wasn’t a good sign, so I thought it best to just abandon the attempt. I sat down on the 20th floor landing and rested for a bit. Then I continued on, albeit slowly, up to the 55th floor.

I went up one more time after that, just for grins. Or grimaces, perhaps. I didn’t even bother timing the fourth climb. I went very slowly. But in the end, Alberto made the Vertical Mile in a total of 1:57. I’m going to try again next week, when I’ll presumably feel a bit better.


Only one time this evening

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A few days ago, I was contacted by some of the people from the West Coast Labels stair climbing team, and they asked if I’d meet with a producer from KCRW at one of the practice sessions at the Aon building downtown. So tonight was the night.

Sadly, I was home sick today. I’d left work early yesterday with a fever. And today had been spent taking sudafed and ibuprofen, and wishing I wasn’t sick. But since I’d agreed to go, I took an extra decongestant, got dressed, and headed downtown.

I met Evan on the front steps of the building, and we went inside and up to the guard station to sign in. It took him a few minutes to convince the security people to let him climb the stairs with me, even though he wasn’t signed up for the race. But in the end, we got our clearance and headed up the stairs.

We walked up slowly. Partly so we could talk, and partly because I was in no condition to be trying to go fast. On the way up, I told about what it was like doing stair climbing races. I explained the basic technique of taking the fewest number of steps to climb the staircase, and how not to waste steps on the landings. A few times, other people passed us on the stairs, and he sometimes asked them questions as they went by. We stopped a few times to rest and talk, and we finally made it up to the 55th floor in just a bit under 18 minutes. That’s about half as fast as I’d be going normally, so it was a pretty easy pace, even with being sick.

At the top, we walked around the empty 55th floor, looking out the windows at the view. I pointed out the other buildings where there are races, and also the buildings we’ve trained in. All told, it was an interesting experience, and he said he would go back to the studio and somehow craft a piece for the radio out of our talking that he’d recorded.

With that done, I went home and went back to just being sick.


Can’t all be gems…

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It’s yet another practice evening on the stairs. I was not feeling too energetic this time, but that’s how I felt on Tuesday, and I still did a pretty good time. So I figured I’d give it a try.

My first time up the stairs, I could tell I was in trouble from the start. I made my first time point on schedule, but then I started to fall behind. Usually, I manage to stay on time up to at least the 30th floor or so, but this time I was falling off the pace by 16. I managed to keep going, and when I flopped on the landing at 55, I had 9:08, which is a full 10 seconds slower than my time from Tuesday.

I went back down and started up again. My goal for the second time up was to do it at the pace I plan to use when I attempt the vertical mile. I may make an attempt at that next week. So I kept to a relatively modest pace, and I made it up the second time in 10:58.

I went up a third time, just for grins. I didn’t time it. I just walked up slowly. And then I went home. I wanted to get home in time to try again to see Comet PanSTARRS, And thus ended yet another evening of fun on the stairs.


The final four weeks

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It’s Tuesday, and time for another session on the stairs.

This time, I decided to try my one-foot method for doing the middle section of stairs from 24 to 44. My goal was again to do 10 seconds per floor. I started out from 4, and I made it all the way to 22 on schedule. The two hallways and fire doors between 22 and 24 cost me about 30 seconds, but then I was looking to get back on pace.

From 24, I started up, and I managed to maintain my pace all the way to 36 before I started to slow down a bit. I found that if I lean forward a bit on crossing the wide landings, I can do them a little bit faster, and it doesn’t require taking an extra step on the landing. So I think this is going to be my method now, since it’s efficient and balanced.

When I got to 44 and the two fire doors there, I was about 15 seconds off my pace, but that was all right. I started up the final section of stairs, and when I got to 52, I sprinted for the last three floors. I heaved myself up onto the landing at 55 in 8:58. Not a new best time, but equal to my two best practice times so far this year. So I really can’t complain.

The second time, I went a lot slower. The plan was to do my moderate pace that I plan to use for when I attempt the vertical mile. Not much to say about that. I just went on up at a nice, steady pace.

I went up a third time, just for extra practice, and so I could say that I’d done a 1,000-calorie workout today. I don’t really care about that, but it sounds good. I didn’t bother timing the third time up. I was just walking, and I even tried doing single steps for a change.

Now that we’ve changed the clocks, there was still some sunlight on the way home. I took a picture of the big Metro headquarters building by Union Station, just because I liked how it looked in the sunset light. And on the train back to Pasadena, I was looking out the window to try and see the thin crescent moon, since that would mean I could take out my binoculars and see Comet PanSTARRS when I got home.

It was a good evening’s outing.


As Time Goes By

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I recently got the schedule for this year’s edition of the L.A. Conservancy’sLast Remaining Seats” film series. And one of them is “Casablanca“, which will show at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills in June. So I thought we should ride out to the Angelus Rosedale Cemetery to see Dooley Wilson again, since he sang the definitive version of “As Time Goes By“.

It was a nice day for riding. We took the usual route into downtown Los Angeles by way of Huntington Drive. We took Spring St through downtown, and then turned on Olympic. That’s when Jeff got a flat.

Heading south out of downtown, I had a little race with a Metro Blue Line train going down Flower St. A little farther along, we saw one of the trains on the new Expo Line, also known as ‘the slightly different shade of blue line’. Then we headed out on West Adams.

At the cemetery, we went and paid our respects to Dooley Wilson. We also spent a little time looking around the cemetery. There is a whole section of very old graves there. At least old by L.A. standards.

From there, we headed north into Koreatown, and then west to Larchmont and our snack stop at Noah’s Bagels. The route home was our usual one up Benton Way in Silver Lake, and then home up Eagle Rock Blvd.

It was a nice ride.

43 miles.


3/4 mile, straight up

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Ever since the Towerthon in San Diego last summer, I’ve had my sights set on doing a vertical mile stair climb, so this evening was yet another test towards that goal. Like the time I did the vertical 1/2 mile, and the vertical kilometer, this evening, I planned on doing 3/4 of a mile vertical. That’s 6 times up the practice course from 4 to 55 in the Aon building, 306 floors, 6,756 steps, 1,260 meters, 4,128 feet, which is just a bit over 3/4 of a mile. And coincidentally, at about 335 calories per ascent, six times up will burn approximately 2,000 calories, or about one day’s worth of normal food intake. Not that I’ve ever been one to pay attention to such things…

I got kind of a late start, and I didn’t get into the stairwell until 5:15. I took a quick snapshot of my phone to establish what time I was starting, and then I headed up the stairs. My goal was to do 4 1/2 floors per minute on the way up, and I assumed that the hallways and fire doors between 20 and 24 would eat about the time it took to do 1/2 of a floor. So my time points were:

8 1/2
17 1/2
30 1/2
39 1/2
48 1/2

The goal was to get to each of those points at a one-minute mark on the stopwatch. That would make for about 11 1/2 minutes for each ascent. I figured that that’s about how fast I want to go to comfortably be able to climb the stairs and ride the elevator back down, all within 15 minutes.

The first time up, I had to hold back to keep from going too fast. And in the end, I still got to the top a few seconds ahead of schedule. I snapped a picture of the stopwatch while I was waiting for the elevator. Then I went back down and started up again.

The second and third times I pretty much hit the target pace, and those two climbs were pretty easy. The only bad part was that I’d forgotten my headband, and by then, the sweat was running into my eyes. And I’d also forgotten to bring a towel, which compounded the problem.

By the fourth time, I was starting to slow down a bit. But I still made it up in reasonable style. The fifth time was hard, and I was thinking about calling off the experiment after that one. I had to adjust my target pace down to 4 floors per minute that time, but then I was able to maintain a steady pace. So I decided to press on with the sixth ascent.

The sixth time up was going to be last, so I started counting down the floors from the start. When I took the first step up, I said to myself, “51″. And each floor, I counted down by one. Counting down through the forties was kind of hard, but knowing it was the last time up the staircase made it bearable. When the count went below 25, I felt like the end was in sight. And when I finally got to five to go, I managed to find some energy to run the last five floors to the top. I came out on the 55th floor and just sat down for a few minutes to rest. Then I took a second snapshot of the phone to establish the time.

So I did six ascents up the 51 floors in 1:26 elapsed time, including the elevator rides back down between ascents. Yes, I was slowing down the last time up, but I think I could probably do two more times up in 34 minutes. So that’s going to be the project one of these evenings. Yes, I know it’s insane. That’s what I like about it.


Stepping Up

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A couple weeks ago, a reporter and photographer from the Los Angeles Times came out to the practice session at the Aon building. And the article came out last weekend. I managed to get quoted in two paragraphs, so that’s pretty good.

The article is here:,0,916269.story


Getting back on the horse -er- stairs

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It’s Tuesday evening, and time for yet more eternal agony climbing the stairs at the Aon building. After the problems I had over the weekend at the Stratosphere Tower, I wanted to see if I could still go fast up the stairs this evening.

I got suited up and headed up the stairs. No use waiting around at the bottom. It doesn’t get any easier. As always, I was aiming for 10 seconds per floor, and I managed to stay close to that, except through the middle section from 24 to 44 with the wide landings. But I made it to 55 in 9:04, which is solidly in the range of normal times I’ve been doing at practice. So I’m not any slower now than I was last week.

I went up a second time just to try out a couple of different ideas for dealing with the wide landings in the middle section of the staircase. Maintaining a steady but slow pace, I made it up in 11:50.

And just for sheer perversity, I went up a third time. I didn’t bother timing it. It was slow, but steady. I managed to make it all the way up without stopping, so that’s not too bad.

On the way home, the subway train stopped for a minute on the approach to Union Station, and I saw an electrical conduit on the wall outside with a stern warning on it:


Yup. I’m not inclined to think they’re kidding on that.

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