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Happy Halloween


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Two big milestones today. First, since Lucinda has graduated to sleeping in the big bed, we took down her crib. Second, she has learned to pump on her swing. Pictures at


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Aunt Maggi bought Lucinda a tricycle some time ago. This evening, she rode it all the way around the block for the first time. Pictures at


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4.4 upgrade.

Had to:

- chmod u+s /usr/libexec/mail.local
- chmod 666 /dev/pass0


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We set up a computer for Lucinda to play little kid games, and today was the first time she really understood the connection between the motion of the mouse and the cursor. She learned to point-and-click today.


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Built Mozilla 0.9.3


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The machine was frozen from 03:00 to 09:00. Disk IO deadlock. Changed ad1 to PIO mode.


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Got a new Soyo K7VTA-B mainboard and Athlon 1.2 GHz processor. Got 256MB memory and a new Antec case.


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We took her out to Tarzana today to go to Gentle Barn ( This is a house in a residential area that has farm animals for petting and such. She liked it a lot. We didn’t stay for the vegan potluck, though.


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Lucinda found a dead squirrel in the back yard today. She was quite fascinated by it, since she likes all animals. We explained to her that the squirrel had died, and then we held a funeral for it. We dug a hole and put the squirrel in it. Lucinda picked some flowers to put in the hole alongside the squirrel, and then we covered it up. She then picked out some rocks to make a headstone for it.


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We took Lucinda to her first movie today. It was the IMAX Dolphins movie ( showing at the California ScienceCenter ( in Exposition Park. She liked the dolphins, and she was only frightened a few times when there were particularly loud sounds. Overall, she said that she liked it.

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