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Happy Halloween


False Memories

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Went to the Center for Inquiry in Hollywood today to hear a talk by Dr. Elizabeth Loftus about the nature and fallibility of memory. She has done research into how false memories are created, and how susceptible people are to having their memories manipulated. Overall, it was a very interesting afternoon.


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Lucinda is learning to write her name.



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We had dinner at Traxx tonight. It was a last-minute idea, as we had just dropped Lucinda off for a sleep-over with Aunt Maggi. On the way back to L.A., we called Traxx and they said we could get in. Normally, they are booked solid weeks in advance, but the big Mexican Independence Day festival on Olvera St had scared away most diners. So we got in. And it was good


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Lucinda had her first sleep-over trip today. She spent the night at Aunt Maggi’s house. This was the first time she has spent the night away from home.


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Got a new Epson 1650U scanner. Rebuilt SANE front and backends. Added ‘device uscanner’ and rebuilt kernel. The device is ‘/dev/uscanner0′. Had to remove ‘/dev/scanner’.


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GIMP 1.2 upgrade.


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4.6-STABLE upgrade built from source.


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We took Lucinda up into the local mountains for the first time today. We hiked about a half-mile on a fire road near Mt. Wilson. She wants to do it again. Pictures at


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- Mozilla 1.0
- jdk 1.3.1
- mozilla-flashplugin 0.4.10


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Today was the first time that Lucinda fed the dogs all by herself. She got both bowls, filled them, and then set them out in their proper positions for the dogs to eat.

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