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The Silver Ball

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Back in 1989, I had a chance to play a pinball game called “EARTHSHAKER!” The theme of the game is Los Angeles and earthquakes, which have long been two of my most favorite things. And in 1995, after I got my job at the USGS earthquake office, I always had in my mind that someday I should have one of these games. So I recently had to have some service done on the “Last Action Hero” game. For pinball service, I always contact Pat Choy at Endless Pinball. He knows everything about these games and can pretty much fix anything. Some time ago, I’d mentioned that someday I would be interested in getting an “EARTHSHAKER!”, and this time, he mentioned that he had one that he’d come upon and restored. So one evening, we went down to Anaheim to try it out. After playing a few games, I was writing a check, and now it’s here in our house.

It’s pretty entertaining, and when I hit the right targets and ramp, the shaker motor goes off, and it shakes the whole room. It’s quite hilarious.

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