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My Vertical Kilometer

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Since I’ve found that stair climbing doesn’t aggravate my back problems, I thought I’d try an experiment tonight and do a vertical kilometer. I did this last year as part of my preparations for the vertical mile climb. My friend Morgan did this a few weeks ago, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I was trying for a modest, but consistent pace, like I did last year. When I did the vertical kilometer last year, I only had a spread of 42 seconds between my fastest and slowest climbs. Looking at my times this time around, you can see that I’m just not in the condition I was in last year. And with my back problems, I’m not pulling on the railing, since I don’t want to do anything that twists my spine. Still, I was able to make the vertical kilometer pretty easily. It’s only five times up. 255 floors, 5,630 steps. Easy.

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  1. G.M. Grena Says:

    “10:13″ + 4 other laps with a killer spinal problem … you’re making awesome progress, Stan! Great job! Would be wonderful to see you go sub-10 once &/or 7 laps in a single evening by the end of March. I’m rootin’ for ya!

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