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Glendale Vistas

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This week’s bike club ride was a ‘normal’ ride, in that we just went riding to no place in particular. There was no cultural sightseeing or anything like that this time. It was just a ride around Glendale, and up through the hills there. The most remarkable thing that ever happened on this route was when I broke my cassette back in 2007

It was a very nice day for riding. We headed out and up through La Cañada, and then down through Glendale. We stopped at Paradise Bakery, and I got one of their chocolate eclairs. They have the best eclairs there. Then it was time to ride up some hills.

I got one picture from the apex of the ride, and then we headed down the other side. We rode back by way of La Cañada, which added some more hills. And when I got home, I rode around the block once, just to add another half-mile. It was a nice ride.

40 miles.

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