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A new beginning…

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This past Sunday marked two years since my odyssey through divorce hell began. At the start, I never dreamed it could take so long. But when one side is unreasonable these things happen.

Back in August, somebody finally decided to come to the table and negotiate in good faith. We talked, and in 45 minutes we had hammered out an agreement. Just for curiosity, I wanted to see how many minutes two years represents:

2 x 365 x 24 x 60 = 1,051,200

Over one million minutes. All to get to an agreement that took 45 minutes to make. Doing some more math shows that we spent 0.00428% of the time negotiating like adults. Sheesh.

But now the agreement is finished, and we’ve both signed it. And I just got word that it was signed by the judge today.

We are done.

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