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An audience with The Oinkster

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Last week, we saw a restaurant review in the L.A. Weekly for a place in Eagle Rock called The Oinkster. OK. I’ll admit it. We thought the name was funny. And the review was good, too. So we decided to try it.

We went there, and we liked it immediately. The place smelled a lot like the old-style barbecue places we went to in Texas. We got our food and sat down.

Sadly, we didn’t like the food as much as we thought we would. It was tasty, but it was all too salty. I got the pastrami, which I expected to be salty, but the pulled pork was also too salty. Jonathan Gold’s review had made special mention of the Belgian-style fries. They had an amazing crunch and texture, but they were also über-salty. But they still tasted great dipped in the garlic aioli.

Cathy and Lucinda had the Oinksterade, which was very good. And Cathy had the peanut-butter-and-jelly cupcake for dessert. She said it was weird, but quite good.

So overall, it was a mixed bag. The food was tasty, but the saltiness put us off. Still, it was an interesting experience.

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