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Sunday ride with one hill

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Route map and photo locations

Today’s ride was one we haven’t done since last year. One of the roads on the route washed out in the rains last winter, so we’ve been avoiding it. But Gene recently heard that the road was closed to cars but passable by bike, so we went to do it today.

We started out going east to Arcadia and then south to Temple City. This was just to pad the ride out a bit, since it would have been very short if we just went and rode up the hill.

We made a loop back through San Marino and South Pasadena and then headed up into the San Rafael Hills. We rode past the burned-out mansion there. The mansion that burned is next door to the house that was used as “Bruce Wayne’s house” in the old “Batman” TV series. Original reports said that the Batman house had burned, but it later turned out to be the house next door.

Next, we headed down Linda Vista and passed the Rose Bowl. Then we turned up Inverness and started climbing. Right about here, we met up with Ben Bertiger, who was out riding with his parents. The decided to join us for the hill portion of the ride. Ben is the Southern California Junior 10-12 Track Omnium Champion. Track racers are not generally known for being good hill climbers, but he gave us all a run for our money. He may have been the first to the top, but I don’t know. He was well ahead of me.

On the way up the hill, we had to stop to portage the bikes past the fence where the road was closed. Then we stopped to admire the washed-out road. It was impressive. After that, there was one more fence to cross, and the the rest of the climb to the top.

At the top of the hill, we went down the other side and took Lida back down to the Rose Bowl. We passed the Bowl and then went into Old Town for a snack at Il Fornaio.

After the snack stop, we went past the Rose Bowl yet again, this time on Prospect St. Then we took Arroyo and Windsor Road up to Altadena Drive. From there it was a nice three-mile downhill back to the park.

46 miles

3 Responses to “Sunday ride with one hill”

  1. harry Says:


    How do you do the maps? I would love to be able to make them and send them to my ride buddies.


  2. stan Says:

    I have a little PHP script I wrote that uses the Google Maps API. From that, I write an XML file that I store on the web server. It’s all home-grown. It’s based on the Google Maps Pedometer (, but I wrote it with the idea of being able to mark photo locations. It’s a bit of a kluge in that I have to click on the map to mark the route, but I can’t just click on start and end points. I have to mark out every twist and turn of the road, which is kind of a pain. I like straight roads when it comes to mapmaking, even though the twisty ones are more fun to ride on.

  3. The Empress Says:

    Hiya, Stan,

    My fella was filming “Huff” across the street the night that house burned. He called me to tell me the Batman house was burning… I’m glad he was wrong, but that was still SOMEONE’S house… very sad.

    Thanks for the report!


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