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Sunday bike ride

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Today’s bike ride was one of Gene’s “Il Fornaio” rides. We’ve done this one before, and odds are we’ll do it again.

We went south and a bit east through Arcadia, and then got on the Rio Hondo bike path. We took that down past the 60 freeway. Then we went north on Hill Ave, passing by hospital where Curly Howard died, and then north into San Gabriel.

We passed the mission and then rode north through San Marino and Pasadena. I took a quick loop around my office to check out the computer room air conditioners.

Then we rode into Old Town for our snack stop at Il Fornaio. When we got there, some guy with a tie told us we had to walk our bikes down the alley to the restaurant. Then a security guard outside the restaurant told us we couldn’t lean our bikes against the wall. That was kind of annoying, and we may be looking for a new snack stop place in the future.

After that, we went north around the Rose Bowl and up to Altadena Drive, and then took the long downhill back to the park. When we got there, there was a lowrider car show going on the parking lot, so we marveled a bit at the cars.

Newton had ridden to the park from his house in West Covina, so I rode with him a bit more out to Arcadia and back. By then it was pretty hot, and it really felt like time to stop.

48 miles.

Have I mentioned that Pasadena has great city services?

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This morning, we woke up to find that another big branch had fallen off the tree in front of our house. This one was almost as big as the one that fell off last year.

Cathy called the police non-emergency number to see what we should do, since the forestry department wasn’t open at 7:00 on a Sunday morning. They sent a car out to have a look, and then they contacted the on-call guy at forestry to have him come out to take care of it. While we were waiting, they borrowed my little bow saw and cut up the branch a bit so that it wasn’t blocking the street. Have I mentioned recently that the city services in Pasadena are great?

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