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A pleasant afternoon ride

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After work today, I went for a little bike ride. Up to Chantry Flat and back, complete with the four-mile uphill part. This time, I saw three (count ‘em, three) cars and one other bicyclist on the road. For once, I saw the other cyclist when I was coming down and he was going up, so I got to see what the “I’m riding up a four-mile hill” face looks like on someone else. It was fun.

I hate hotlinking, too…

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I saw from the statistics the the hotlinkers found my new site. They were eating bandwidth with images. So I set up a .htaccess file to put a stop to that. It’s not that the bandwidth is all that big of a deal now that I’m not self-hosted on a DSL connection, but it’s just plain bad manners to hotlink images from someone else’s site.

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