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Saying ‘Uncle’

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I got us a web hosting account with PHP Webhosting for our web site. Currently, the site is getting something like 500 visitors a day, and serving about 1.7GB a month. This is getting to be a bit of a strain on our little DSL connection. So I got us a new domain name and hosting account. We will now be living at I’ve gotten most of the site transferred over and working. When it’s all set up, I’ll set the old web server to issue redirects to the new URL.

Sadly, we can’t take our ‘cosmo’ domain with us, since it appears that Cogent Networks has disappeared, so I can’t find who to contact about changing the domain pointers. The ‘delegated domains’ list at gives an address of ‘’ for, but now points to I sent an email on the off chance someone there is still minding the store…

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