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OK Canon

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Got a Canon PowerShot A70 camera. Built gphoto2 because it said the camera was supported. Didn’t work. Had to rebuild the devel/libusb and devel/gettext ports and rebuild gphoto2. Of course, this broke some other things, so I ended up rebuilding all of XFree86-4 from source. Now everything is good. Here are the commands to get a listing of the files on the camera and to download them:

gphoto2 --camera "Canon PowerShot A70" --port usb: -L
gphoto2 --camera "Canon PowerShot A70" --port usb: --get-all-files

Mayor of the Sunset Strip

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We went to see “Mayor of the Sunset Strip” today. It was really good. Got to see Rodney everywhere in Hollywood. Lots of fun.

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