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To get ink levels on the Epson photo printer:

escputil -i -r /dev/lpt0

To clean the ink nozzles:

escputil -c -P epson

Nozzle check pattern test:

escputil -n -P epson


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I commented out the ‘O DaemonPortOptions=Port=587, Name=MSA, M=E’ line in to close the open port at 587.


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Lucinda and Mommy went to the L.A. Zoo today. They spent the afternoon there.


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Lucinda had a sleep-over at Aunt Maggi’s house this weekend. On the way down on Saturday, we went to Irvine Regional Park in Orange. We went through the little zoo there and Lucinda spent some time climbing on a fallen tree. On Sunday, Grandma and Grandpa came over the Aunt Maggi’s house. They all went to the park and fed the ducks.

Pictures from Irvine Regional Park:

Ghost in the Universe

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Went to hear Taner Edis give his talk, “The Ghost in the Universe” at the Skeptics Society today. He laid out the case for why the universe and science do not give us any evidence for the existence of God. For more information about this, see Taner’s web page at

Afterward, we went to Aunt Maggi’s house to pick up Lucinda after her sleep-over.


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Lucinda started gymnastics classes again today. Maybe now she can learn to do a cartwheel like she’s been talking about for some time.


Herbert Gallery

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Went to the Herbert Gallery in Echo Park to see the “You Are What You Wear” exhibit. Found out that the show is not actually opening for another week, but we sat for a few pictures, so we might actually end up being part of the show when it opens next week.


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Lucinda’s fourth birthday party was today. She invited all the kids from her preschool. We had a house full of screaming kids. It was quite an experience. There are pictures in her photo gallery:


Blind Spot

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Went to see “Blind Spot: Hitler’s Secretary” today. This was a filmed interview with Traudl Junge, who was one of Hitler’s personal secretaries. She worked for him all the way through the war, and was in the bunker at the end. It was interesting to hear her talk about him as being quite pleasant in person, and how she liked him at the time. And then to see how she had to reconcile that with what she found out after the war about the evil he was responsible for. Overall, it was very interesting, and presented a different view than most historical documentaries.



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This evening, we went to a special Valentine’s Day dinner the the Fenyes Mansion at the Pasadena History Museum. We got to wander around the mansion, had some nice appetizers, and finally, a nice catered dinner. We’ve done this now two years in a row, and it’s been fun each time.

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