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Happy Halloween

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Bring on the dancing horses…

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Cathy saw an item in the paper this week about the Fiesta of the Spanish Horse. It was at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank. I’ve been by there hundreds of times on my bike, but I’d never been inside. So we decided that this might be something interesting.

We don’t really know anything about horses, but it was interesting to see them close-up and see the riding demonstrations. Apparently, a big part of their training is teaching them the distinctive gait. It looks a bit funny at first, but we got used to it. And in the show, they did it a lot, along with other moves that made the horses look like they were dancing. So overall, it was an interesting thing.


Just a quick yay for Cathy

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Just wanted to put this picture here. We took Lucinda to a school carnival yesterday, and Cathy did some climbing too. And I think this is remarkable in a good way, since I don’t know all that many 43-year-old moms who will hang upside down from a jungle gym.

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