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The rec.arts.bodyart Tattoo FAQ is broken up into 9 parts:
2/9--Getting a tattoo
5/9--Artist list
5a/9--Old artist reviews <---YOU ARE READING THIS FILE
6/9--Care of new tattoos
7/9--General care/removal
8/9--Misc. info


This file is structured as a traditional FAQ in the form of questions
and answers. Questions answered in this file:

Rec.arts.bodyart FAQ Part 5/9: Tattoo artist list


These are old reviews that have been removed from the current
artist list.


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DOC WALKER'S, Highway 71 S., West Fork, Arkansas 72774, (501) 839-8287
Reviewed by BrYan Westbrook <westbrok AT> 8/96:A
Sanitation: by the book for Arkansas which is very strict. Environment:
good, privacy: excellent, neighborhood: rural, secluded.
ARTIST REVIEW--SAMMI WALKER: Apprenticed with her husband, "Poco", who
founded the shop. was able to put me at ease with my first tattoo
experience. background in fine arts.

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This shop closed 12/2000:
222 TATTOO, 222 Eighth Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, 415 255-8222
Rates: $120/hr, $50 min; $25-$50 cash deposit required when making
appt. Cash, credit cards.
Reviewed 11/97, updated 11/2000 by Art Richards <arichar AT>
SHOP REVIEW: 2.5 blocks south of Market in industrial neighborhood.
Newly remodeled, spacious, bright, airy, clean, pleasant, a lot of
artwork & plants. Excellent sound system and good CD collection. Makes
every other shop I've been to look like a hole in the wall.
ARTIST REVIEW--EDDIE DEUTSCH: World-class custom artist, formerly of Ed
Hardy's Tattoo City. Honed his art by working with many well-known
names. Easy chairside manner. Works mainly freehand, fantastic color
sense; very fast, takes few breaks hence probably less expensive than
artists charging less. Tattooing for 10 years. Booked at least a month
ahead. His backpiece won me Best Oriental Tattoo at 1999 Anaheim
Tattoo Tour, the combo of back and arms won me Second Best Overall

TATTOO ARCHIVE, 2804 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley 94702. Ph: 510/548-5895
$100/hour, $45 minimum. Cash and major credit cards.
Reviewed 5/96 by Ann Duveneck <duveneck AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Very clean (he wears gloves while tattooing etc.) and
fascinating (lots of pictures and curios). When he worked on my legs,
he locked the door for privacy. When he did my shoulder (with my OK),
he let people wander in; this made me feel I was getting the total
tattoo experience! Neighborhood is old part of town; but I never felt
unsafe or was hassled on the street.
ARTIST REVIEW--CHUCK ELDRIDGE: Best known as a tattoo historian, but
does beautiful work of his own. A great conversationalist but not overly
chatty. Really listened and was open to my ideas about the design, but
also made suggestions to maintain artistic quality. He's had this shop
15 years. Won't do faces, hands, or necks. Heavily tattooed himself;
has collected tattoos from all over the world.

San Jose

PIN UP PARLOUR, 520 South Second St, San Jose CA 408/279-3582.
Reviewer: J. Eric Townsend <jet AT>
* UPDATE! Klem is now online at <ETCB23B AT>, and is*
* now at a shop called "Marks of Art," also in San Jose. *
ARTIST REVIEW--KLEM <ETCB23B AT>: Went to Klem on the advice
of Karl MacRae. Klem helped figure out the right size of the piece I
wanted; talked to me quite a bit about visual vs. physical balance of
the placement of a tattoo ; answered all my questions about how
everything worked, what he was doing, why he did it, etc. Sems to
specialize in non-geometric, like Asian fish designs (he's got some
beautiful drawings of koi in his booth).

Reviewer: Karl Elvis MacRae <batman AT>
ARTIST REVIEW--PINKY YUEN: Used to be one of the best around--one of the
first Hong Kong tattooist to come over here and start a shop, so I
consider it something of an honor to be wearing his work. However in his
advanced age (70s?), he's not the same as he was. When he tattooed me
(twice, the first about 12 years ago, the second more like 9), he was
still doing OK work if he liked you, so I got some decent stuff.

BACK DOOR STUDIO, 1316 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento, 95815
916/927-2136. Noon-8pm. 7 days/week. General Prices: $80/hr.
Reviewer: Richard Talbert <rtalbert AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Clean friendly shop, has won the local "News & Review"
newspaper "Best Place to Get a Tattoo" award for 3 out of 4 yrs.
ARTIST REVIEW--JACKIE: Good basic work. Has done 5 tattoos on me from
Mickey Mouse Fantasia to tribal work. Have had her work described as as
crisp sharp lines with an understanding of what a tattoo should be.

Santa Clara

EDDIE'S SKIN WORKS, 1207 El Camino Real, Santa Clara 408/554-8520
Reviewer: Karl Elvis MacRae <batman AT>
ARTIST REVIEW--EDDIE LUM. Highly recommend Pinky's brother, Eddie Lum.
His forte, not surprisingly, is Oriental stuff. Very good w/ flowing
lines, dragons,tigers, flowers. I have 2 pieces from him & am very
pleased. Warning: For custom designs, there's a language barrier, you
may have to explain it several times.

Redwood City

REDWOOD TATTOO, 846-M Jefferson Ave, Redwood City, CA
415/369-6365, walk-ins welcome, but appts have priority. Closed
Sun. & Mon, appts required for custom work. Cash only.
Reviewer: Rebecca Fenton <as.raf AT>
ARTIST REVIEW--PACO DIETZ: Was at Picture Machine (San Francisco);
specializes in fantasy art, custom designs. New shop w/ lots of new
flash. Beautiful tribal and celtic designs, as well as some unusual
Native American designs. Darker style Karl: Apprentice, past experiences
have been scratching out of his home. Specializes in Neo-Japanese. Does
very nice custom work (my favorite of his is a butterfly with a tiger
face peering out at you through the wing designs), experience in
blackwork and fine line.

Los Angeles Area

BLACK WAVE TATTOO, 118 S. La Brea, LA. 213/932-1900
Reviewer: Lani Teshima-Miller <lani AT> FAQ maintainer
ARTIST REVIEW--LEO ZULUETA: An incredibly humble and well-mannered man,
this former Hawaii boy is internationally noted for his bold tribal
blackwork. Amazing to see such bold pieces come out of such a diminutive
person. A nice person who makes your ink session a very pleasant
experience, he lacks the arrogance and attitude that sometimes emerges
with such big stars in this league.

BODY ELECTRIC TATTOO, 7274 1/2 Melrose Ave., LA, 90046.
Ph. 213/954-0408. Payment in cash, credit cards. Rate: $100/hr
Reviewed 8/95 by Lauri Tyeryar <blt1 AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Shop was immaculate, professional, in a clean, touristy
neighborhood, easy to get to. Everyone in the shop was professional,
knowledgeable, and friendly.
ARTIST REVIEW--JESSE TUESDAY: Specializes in custom, Japanese. Did a
great job on my arm. Not at all opposed to working around someone else's
work. Spent ~6 hours there and it was great. Left w/ an amazing piece,
was charged very fairly and felt like I'd made a friend. Went the
extra mile to see that we were both satisfied, and there was NO

SKIN WORKS, 313 E. Balboa Blvd, Newport Beach 92661, 714/675-8905
Reviewer: Tim Lu <tlu AT>
ARTIST REVIEW--ARDEE ALLEN (owner): Excellent, always very professional.
I feel it's important to support women in business--been going to her
for about 5 years and she's done my entire chest & about 3/4 of my back.
Periodically attends conventions, work has appeared in a number of
tattoo magazines. Specialties: Custom work, coverups, colorwork, sumi
(Japanese calligraphy) style grey work.
LYNDA TOBBIN: Talented artist who does very nice custom work.
Piercer: Val.

SUNSET STRIP TATTOO, INC., 8418 Sunset Blvd. W. Hollywood 90069.
213/650-6530. 10am-Midnite 7 days/wk.
Reviewed by Antigone Means <meananti AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Was quite impressed by their work in magazines, so I went
to check it out. It was clean, the people were very nice, and I was
impressed by the pieces that walked out of there.
ARTIST REVIEW--DOTTIE: I brought my own design; the artwork is
fantastic; lines are straight & even, shading is very
professional--everything I could have wanted! Made getting my tattoo a
highly positive experience, and everyone (other artists included) has
been highly impressed and wanted to know who did it!!

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BOUND BY DESIGN, 1121 Broadway, Boulder CO 80302, (303) 786-7272
Rates: Up to $200 an hour for custom work. Cash, credit cards.
Reviewed by S. "Elusis" Thomas <elusis AT>
SHOP REVIEW: I encountered a "hipper-than-thou" attitude from the
artist, who quoted me what I thought was a high rate. His portfolio did
not seem to have many photos or custom work. Perhaps I felt judged about
my "normal" appearance and lack of experience with tattoos.

--==*-< >-*==--


Lance Bailey <zaphod AT> says he was happy w/ Mike.

Reviewer: Sean Walsh <walshs AT> says this is an excellent shop.
Very clean, professional. Visiting artists on a regular basis. Custom
work: $100/hour, but are worth it.
Louie Lombi (owner)
Ed Lombi (Louie's brother).

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BLACK CAT TATTOO, 5047 Suite B Memorial Dr. Stone Mountain, GA
30083. 404/292-8192. Reviewer: Rick Thompson <GIGER5 AT>
Open 7 days/wk. Walk-ins welcome on weekends. Ave. $100/hr, depending
on type of work. Cash only
SHOP REVIEW: Very clean,they use autoclave and new needles.Each artist
has their own booth to work in. All of the artists are very friendly
and helpful.
ARTIST REVIEW--ALBEE (owner): I have had 6 pieces done by Albee, 2 of
which are large cover ups. One is a right upper arm oriental-style
sleeve, one a left full calf custom, one a left forearm dragon & wizard
piece,one a left shoulder snake and rose cover,one a left upper arm
eagle cover.
SHANE MORTON: I have only had one piece done by Shane but I am getting
ready to start another one.The one I have is a right calf black & grey
custom piece incorporating biomechanical, macabre, Shane Morton,I have
only had one piece done by Shane but I am getting ready to start another
one.The one I have is a right calf black & grey custom piece
incorporating biomechanical, macabre, and portrait.
Other artists: Mac, Tommy, Lesley

SACRED HEART TATTOO, INC. 483 Moreland Ave. (Ste 5, Hartz Bldg,
Little Five Points), Atlanta, GA 30307. 404/222-8385 M-Sa: Noon-
Midnight; S: Noon-10p. Minimum $40 (officially, not by the hour; but
from my experience I'd guess $100/hr) Cash or Visa/MC (no checks)
Reviewer: Paul Tod Rieger <prie AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Recommended to me by several RABbits. Very clean; well-
ordered. There's a side room if you want privacy. The neighborhood is
friendly and safe; the National Tattoo Association voted it the Best
Tattoo Studio 1995.
ARTIST REVIEW--TONY OLIVAS (owner): Black & grey. Work featured in
Tattoo (1/95), Tattoo Ink (3/94). I especially liked a blue color that
was in his portfolio. He was interested in my idea and took the time to
help me articulate it. Professional chairside manner Gave me a list of
care guidelines and discussed them with me.
Reviewer: Kim Wilson <gt4938d AT>
SHOP REVIEW: The shop was very nice and clean. The atmosphere was
friendly, and there were large quantities of flash. They also provided
resource books like a dictionary of Chinese symbols. They had private
rooms and a more public area. The shop is located in Little Five
Points, a district known for interesting shops.
ARTIST REVIEW--Colette: I was very impressed with Colette. She spent a
lot of time to help me choose the colors I wanted, sketching out
several schemes to help me choose. It was my first tattoo, and she was
very good at making me feel comfortable and at ease. She did a great
job with coloring and shading the tattoo; it turned out even better
than I had hoped. I was very pleased with the whole experience.

--==*-< >-*==--



A BLACK CAT TATTOO, 137 Hekili, Kailua, 808/263-5535
Open daily. Cash, Visa, Mastercard.
Artists: Igor Mortis (formerly of Tattoo City in San Francisco), and
Kandi Everett (formerly of China Sea).

CHINA SEA TATTOO, 1033 Smith, Honolulu, 808/553-1603
Reviewer: Lani Teshima-Miller <lani AT> FAQ maintainer.
SHOP REVIEW: The oldest tattoo studio in the US with a grand tradition.
In Chinatown area near Downtown Honolulu. Suggest going during the day
(hours: Noon-11pm) to avoid seedy nightlife scene.
ARTIST REVIEW--MIKE MALONE, DOUG HARDY: All excellent. Mike very active
in the tat world, and attends tat conventions. Doug Hardy is Don Ed
Hardy's son, and has been working at China Sea now for over three years.

SKIN DEEP TATTOOING, 2128 Kalakaua Ave, Hon. 808/924-7460.
If in Waikiki, you may want to stop by; right on the main strip. Place
is run by Winona Martin & several of her workers. Advertises heavily;
may be pricy due to Waikiki location.

--==*-< >-*==--


EYE OF THE DRAGON, 416 S 5th Ave C, Pocatello, ID, 83204;
(208) 232-7829. Appts/walk-ins welcome.
Reviewer: Antigone Means <meananti AT>
ARTIST REVIEW--TOKEN TOM: Specializes in blackwork, and charges $5 for
each extra color. My custom frog piece looked like an outline with some
coloring in; the shading wasn't right and in 2 months the color started
to fade!! He & apprentice Jan were very nice, but I didn't want to go
back to get my tatt redone there after that experience. You will have a
problem if smoking bothers you. Permanent eyelining done, and now have a
resident piercer.

TY'S TATTOOS, 690 Yellowstone Av. Pocatello 83201, 208/234-4577.
Very reasonable rates. Appts/walk-ins welcome.
Reviewer: Antigone Means <meananti AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Small but very clean; no smoking in front room.
ARTIST REVIEW--TY: Specializes in custom, tribal, and bright colors.
Very pleased with the results. Not totally perfect; some lines not as
even as could be on the outline, but pretty darn good. Excellent
shading, vibrant colors. Definitely an artist, not just
fill-in-the-space person. Definitely got more than my money's worth.
Ty's apprentice, Pat, drew up the outline freehand, and did an excellent
job. Ty guarantees his work and will do touchups for free with no

Sandpoint Tattoo & Body Piercing, 206 N. 1st, Sandpoint, ID 83864
Reviewer: Tracy Canon < AT>
Shop Review: The shop has several methods of sterilization, the total
environment and feel of the shop is relaxing, privacy screens are
available. The artist is a true professional. Quality of work is his
primary concern, his rates reasonable the attitude is one of openess
and honesty. VERY REFRESHING!
Artist Review--Kevin: Kevin has over 20 years experience, first
learning his trade in Sydney Australia. He has had several shops in
his career, Southern California and now in the panhandle of north
Idaho. He has clients come over from Canada, Washington state,
Montana, Oregon, Utah and even Germany. As stated above his mannerism
is calm and quiet, honest and open. True professional and asset to the
business. He has the lightest touch which is very nice on tender
areas. The quality of work is fantastic, like looking at a picture not
just a nice tat.

--==*-< >-*==--


60657, 312/404-5838, (blk so. of Belmont, w. of Broadway), email:
<bbasics AT> Daily: M-Th 2-10p, F/Sa 2-Midnite, S 2-6p.
Cash, Visa/Mastercard. Appointments required for tattoo work.
Reviewer: Phredd Groves <phredd AT>
Owned by Mad Jack, I can personally recommend these guys as far as
piercing & professionalism goes.

CHICAGO TATTOOING COMPANY, 922 W Belmont, Chicago, 312/528 6969.
Reviewer: Marla Clayman <clay-jr AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Clean; on one wall there's a list saying something like
"things to look for in a safe tattoo environment" (cleanliness, etc)
which put me even more at ease because I knew questions would be
welcomed. No smoking. In a very gay-friendly and fun area. Rates:
$100/hr. Cash, credit cards
ARTIST REVIEW--ROB(ERT) HIXON: Seems to enjoy cover-up work. Has a
background in design and drafting, been tattooing for a couple of years.
Very friendly (and patient) to first-timers, and I saw a lot of cover-up
work I was impressed by in his portfolio. Willing to speak about other
artists he liked. Others he's inked that i've talked to have been very
pleased as well.

GUILTY + INNOCENT PRODUCTIONS, 3105 N. Lincoln, Chicago 60657,
312/404-6955 tattoos, 404-6963 merchandise. Mail-order catalog $1.
Reviewers: Phredd Groves <phredd AT>, Dawn Grace
Russell <dawngr AT> and Lani Teshima-Miller <lani AT>
FAQ maintainer.
SHOP REVIEW: In an unassuming neighborhood with many empty shops. Could
easily miss this small shop if you weren't looking for it. Front area
looks rather dark with black walls, reminiscent of a bachelor pad.
Actual work area half a flight up in the back on a custom-built floor.
Air conditioning as of 6/95. --Lani.
ARTIST REVIEW--GUY AITCHISON: Booked a year and a half in
advance--deposit required, call for details. Award-winning artist,
highly skilled, very adept at translating your wishes into reality, hot
stuff! Well worth the price and long waiting period. $150/hr, includes
consultation/drawing time. --Phredd
An incredibly gifted artist with a personality to match; unassuming
and unpretentious, Guy seems more driven by an inner need to express
his art than in making a buck--I was impressed both by his work and
his person! --Lani
Rob Koss no longer at G+IP as of 1996.

I'M NO ANGEL PRODUCTION, 2606 W. Farmington Rd., Peoria, 61604.
309/673-4930. Open Noon to 8pm everyday. New needles and ink for each
new customer. Appointment required.
Reviewer: Steven Parks <nudnik AT>
ARTIST REVIEW--WANDA HARPER (owner): Specializes in Celtic and Native
American designs, as well as piercings. Learned from Jim Hawk
(Galesburg), who occasionally stops by for a visit, and people in town
who know him may come in for a special tat. Wanda looks out for her
customers and won't do work that won't turn out--It's all in the

LIVING COLOR TATTOOS, 1622 Broadway, Mattoon 61938, 217/234-9611
Appointments only; will take walk-ins if appointments are cancelled.
Rate: $100/hour, cash only.
Reviewed 2/96 by Brad Koehler <TATTUDE AT>.
SHOP REVIEW: Nice large building in the nicest block of downtown
business district. High ceilings, well-lit work area, walls covered w/
colorful sheets of flash. Curtains can be drawn around work area for
privacy. Very clean; new needles/surgical gloves every time, all
equipment autoclaved, health department inspected/approved.
ARTIST REVIEW--DAVE "TOAD" BALDWIN: Only artist in shop. Accomplished
artist, owned/operated own shop for the 14 yrs. Excellent with the
clients, has great reputation and large following in the east central
Illinois. Very professional, explains everything, will answer all
questions. Has also been doing piercings for the past couple of years.

TATTOO FACTORY, 4408 N. Broadway , Chicago IL 60640, 312-989-4077
Cash, credit cards.
Reviewed 7/96 by: Rob Voorwinden <robv AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Large shop in relaxed neighborhood. A lot of designs
(looked for large tribal design for upper leg in various Netherlands &
London shops; finally found it here). Shop looks very clean. New razor,
needle and new plastic cover on the disinfectant spray for each
customer. This shop seems much cleaner than most shops I've seen.
ARTIST REVIEW--HARLAN ROSS: Very friendly, takes time for his customers.
Took some effort to get the design on the right place on my leg. Harlan
worked on me for 2.5 hours. The tattoo is really great: 13" wide, and on
its highest point 4" high. I paid 400 dollars for it and got two free
t-shirts as a bonus :)

--==*-< >-*==--


Creative Images, 4817 University Ave #7, Des Moines
Ph: 515 277 8288, $80 per hour
Reviewer: Jeff Gitchel <jeff AT>
Shop Review: Excellent atmosphere, good location, many books of
art. Air conditioned, comfortable, and very clean. Smoking not allowed
in shop, nor persons under 18 (by law). Tattoos by appointment only.
Artist Review--Sherry: Sherry is the shop owner. She is very willing
to answer questions, and fun to talk to. She is very well known, among
those concerned for quality, for her excellent detail and single
needle work. I saw many people wearing examples of her fine work
before I called. I will be calling her again.
Reviewer: Davo Wilkins <DavoAxiom AT>
Artist Review--Sherry Sears:Sherry has been tattooing for over 15
years in Des Moines. Her bed side manner is calm and relaxing and she
will let you bring in cds and make the experence as personal as
possible. She has a keen eye for placing and drawing the tattoo to fit
the body. She does mostly custom work.

--==*-< >-*==--


SKIN ILLUSTRATIONS, 9970 Sante Fe Dr (87th Street), Overland Park.
Ph: 913/642-7464.
Reviewer: Robert Goings <robsgon%ksuvm.bitnet AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Professional, VERY clean, excellent relaxing atmosphere;
great for both first-timers and experienced. Prices: $50/hr for
standard work and $65/hr for custom work. Some piercings also done:
Average price: $25 + jewelry.
ARTIST REVIEW--UNCLE RUSSELL: An excellent artist who's very versatile
in the use of colors and shades.
Jake: A very good artist also excellent with shading.
Matt: Shop apprentice.

--==*-< >-*==--


Tattoo Charlie's, 470 New Circle Rd., N.E., Lexington
Ph: 606-254-2174
Reviewer: Kathy Cornelison <kcornelison AT>
Shop Review: Tattoo Charlie's is the cleanest in Lexington. They have
two chairs in the open so patrons can watch tattoo's being
performed. They also have a curtained off section for those who wish
to be more discreet. The shop is located off of a major road, very
easy to find.
Artist Review--Mike Haney: He has been featured in several tattoo
magazines for his work and his tattoos. Very professional, explains
the process in detail before starting. I would highly recommend him to
anyone interested.

--==*-< >-*==--


ARTISTIC CREATIONS, 2785F Ocean Gateway (US Rte 50 W) Salisbury, MD 21801
(410) 860-1999. Rate: $65/hr (varies); cash, credit cards (no checks).
Reviewed 9/96 by Katie Bevard <kbevard AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Incredibly well kept. No Smoking. Work done in separate
room (1 private, 2 semi-private). Busy on weekends from beach traffic,
but very willing to discuss when time allows. Bruce's private work area
is very relaxing and comfortable, with separate stereo system and a ton
of CDs and great books to help ease anxiety.
ARTIST REVIEW--BRUCE GULICK: Very honest about what would/would not make
good tattoos due to size, detail, etc. 1.5 hours spent discussing/
drawing designs. Very quiet & thorough when working, taking his time.
Well worth it! Very patient and professional; made the entire "first
tattoo" experience a very memorable one!

--==*-< >-*==--


CREATIVE TATTOO, TATTOO AS ART, 307 E Liberty St. Ann Arbor, 48104.
313/662-2520. $100 minimum, $200/hr depending on work.
Cash only. Reviewer: Jami Goldstein <jamig AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Very clean, bright, airy, nicely decorated with lots of
reference books and magazines for people who need to find the right
artwork. Makes you feel immediately at ease. Privacy is very important,
closed room for tattooing and she won't allow interruptions while she's
working. Barbara-her piercer and desk person is also very friendly.
personable, used to be a school teacher and definitely has a way with
people. She has some incredible body art too.
Artist review #2 by Jean-Luc Reutter <reutter AT>:
Suzanne has great custom designs, preferably black only or celtic.
Skilled artist but sometimes lacks motivation w/ smaller pieces;
results may vary in quality. Usually by appt only, very rarely walk-
ins. Sometimes guest artists. Nice friendly atmosphere.
Artist review #3 by Lance "Zaphod" Bailey <zaphod AT>:
She really doesn't specialize in Celtic stuff. Used to, but doesn't
any more--says her old eyes aren't good enough for it. Was in her shop
yesterday and she seemed pretty disinterested in doing Celtic stuff on
me. Maybe Celtic- inspired, but it's going to take some work from me
to get a design she's willing to do, & I'm willing to wear...sigh. But
she does specialize in being good :) I saw a wizard she did yesterday
and it was so very nice.
Piercer: Barbara

MAGNUM TATTOOING INC., 2317 S. Division, Grand Rapids, 616-245-1880
Reviewer: John Parsons <parsons AT>
Cash / Credit Cards
Shop Review: Magnum is a Member of Professional Tattooists who uphold very hig
h standards of sanitation. Sterized needles and tubes are shown to
customer andopened in front of them. When finished needles are broken
and disposed of before you leave the chair. The staff is friendly and
informative and not snobish or uppity.
Artist Review--Amy Lee: Amy Lee is a Sweet Heart. She took a photo I
came in with and created a custom Lions Head with more detail and
depth than the photo. I did not beleive in my wildest dreams my first
tattoo would look so real. I have been looking 20 years for just the
right tattoo and Amy Lee was able give me Work of Art.

--==*-< >-*==--


ACME TATTOO CO, 1045 Arcade St, St. Paul, 612/771-0471
Reviewer: Erik Nelson <chilly AT>
Expensive. Pre-designed tats are costly & other work is $200/hour (as
of '92). Acme's highlight used to be Dave Black. Dave however, has
moved onto another shop (see next entry).

TATTOOS ULIMITED, 490 Asbury St., St. Paul, (651) 647-9251
Reviewer: Mike Cimaglio <aquiros1 AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Shop is one block off of university ave. They are
planning to remodel, but as of 5/14/99 they have a small front
reception seperated from the rest of the shop with curtains. The work
station was very private and very clean. The remodeling will add a
second work station in more private booths.
ARTIST REVIEW--Ann Briem: Ann has been doing tattoos for 6 years.
Being my first tattoo, I was looking for an artist who would listen
well to what I wanted and be open with suggestions and help. After
looking into 8 artists, I found Ann. She was happy to work with me to
find the look I wanted and was very positive when discussing what
would be good and bad in the design.

--==*-< >-*==--


BUZZARD & SONS TATTOO, 103 Gardner Blvd. Columbus, MS Ph: 601/327-2901
Licensed by Mississippi State Board of Health. Another shop at 738
McFarland Blvd; another opening in Montgomery, AL. $150/hour for Buzzy
Cash. Reviewed 6/96 by: Cynthia Higginbotham <cyhiggin AT>
SHOP REVIEW: In commercial area lined with small businesses. A bit
grubby looking; good sanitation on closer inspection: uses autoclave,
sterile needles kept in sealed packages until use, etc. Usual waiting
area with displayed flash, front desk. Restroom off waiting area.
Private room in back for tattooing & piercing.
ARTIST REVIEW--BASS: Apprenticed with his father, Buzzard. Tattooing for
about seven years. Friendly, lots of pierces and tattoos, fun to chat
with. He and my brother-in-law were trading sea stories all through the
tattooing (they're both ex-Navy guys who toured the same area).
Buzzy: Fine line work
Chris: New Age designs

--==*-< >-*==--


THE TATTOO SHOP, 109 Daniel St, Portsmouth 03801, 603/436-0805.
Reviewer: Fred Jewell <fredj AT>
Artists: Hobo, Tattoo George
Prices start at $40; ave $100. In business since '76; clean, use
sterile instruments 7 do good solid work.

SIGN OF THE WOLF, Wiers Beach NH, (603)366-2557
Reviewer: Fred Jewell <fredj AT>
Artists: Dave Sr., Dave Jr., several apprentices.
Friendly, laid back, would make you feel comfortable if anxious. So
clean you can eat off the floor. Dave Jr. has won a few awards. Range:
$100 to $350; average $260 for a fairly large piece. Specialize in
wildlife & American Indian art.

JULI MOON DESIGNS INC., Route 1, PO Box 1403, Seabrook 03874
603/474-2250; fax 603/474-7393. By appt only. Julie: $200/hr.
Cash & check only, no plastic. $50 deposit required for first-
time clients. Free consultation.
Reviewer: Henry Knight <HKnight AT>
SHOP REVIEW: All work is custom and by appointment only. This is a very,
very, clean and professional shop. Note: The studio is no longer next
to Jim's Tattoo. They have moved across the street to a new gorgeous
and much larger place.
ARTIST REVIEW #1 BY HENRY--JULI MOON: Well known in the industry and
published all over the place, this very classy lady lives up to her
reputation, and is more than worth the wait (up to 9 months these days).
Pick up any magazine to see her work for yourself if you don'tbelieve
me. Truly amazing stuff.

BROTHERS TOO, South Broadway, Salem NH, Exit 1 Off Rt. 93. Licensed &
Board of Health Approved.
Reviewer: Fred Jewell <fredj AT>
Tattoo Frank scared me. Asked if he'd been vaccinated for Hep A & B he
said, "I only got hepatitis once and that was from a customer." His
brother, "Bennies Tattoos" is just down the street and seems to have the
same kind of attitude.

BILL'S TATTOO PALACE, Broadway , Derry NH, 603/437-8813
Reviewer: Fred Jewell <fredj AT>
Nice guy, but I set up an appointment & he didn't show! I called back,
and got someone who thought he was doing me a favor by talking to me.
Some of the work is really good but there seems to be a lot of new
people in the shop trying out the profession.

--==*-< >-*==--


AMERICAN SKIN ART, 472 Oliver St, Tonawanda NY 14120 716-694-9185
Reviewed 8/95 by Leslie Fontanna <impurity AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Very clean, environment was very friendly and cheerful. The
neighborhood is pretty good. I have no complaints.
ARTIST REVIEW--ED WALKER: Used to work at Paul Massaro's shop, but
left to pursue own business. Very good w/ customers, very concerned
about getting them exactly what they want. Great chairside manner,
honest, and his work is excellent.

BRUCE BART TATTOOING, Main Street, Tannersville, NY 12485.
(518) 589-5069. Second shop at: 274 Lark St., Albany, NY 12210
(518) 432-1905. Hours: M-F Noon-8pm, S/Su 11am-6pm.
Cost: $120/hr. $5 disposable (& autoclaved) needles, new ink for each
Reviewer: Kirsten Herzog <kherzog AT>
Artists: Bruce Bart and Bruce Kaplan
Specializes in Japanese, modern primitive, colorwork, Celtic. Prefers
appts, but will take walk-ins if not busy. Lark St. shop looked like a
dentist's office. Very friendly, totally receptive. Impressed by the
ready art & sketches in the waiting room. Seemed very professional.

PAT'S TATS, 102 Mill Hill Rd, Woodstock, 12498. 914/679-4429.
Pat's Tats, 948 State Route 28, Kingston, NY 12401
845-338-TAT2 (8282) FAX: 845-331-TATU (8288)
Pat Sinatra: patstats1 AT Pat is the owner--she is also
the President of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists,
whose primary concern is informationdissemination on disease
transmission and sterilization.

THUNDER ROSE TATTOO, INC, 96 W. Main St (route 25) Smithtown, NY,
(516) 361-5300. Cash, major credit cards.
Reviewed 7/96 by Chasity Stewart <cstewart AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Very clean and sterile. Artists opened fresh needles and
poured fresh ink right in front of us. Very open and airy - made me feel
very comfortable. No smoking/pets/other nasties I have heard about in
RAB. Lots of flash and tribal pieces on the walls to look at while you
are waiting.
ARTIST REVIEW--JIMMY (owner): Personable, keeps you informed and makes
conversation while working. Explained sterilization/safety procedures
PRIOR to work. On several occasions during my four-hour stint he
consulted other potential clients. Very willing to work with clients,
open to suggestions. A very good custom/free-lance artist as well.

--==*-< >-*==--


CHOICE PEACH TATTOO, 304-E . Weaver St Carrboro, NC 27516. 919/932-9888
is excellent. 100% original work, NO flash. By appointment only.
Reviewed 8/93 by Scott Jacobs <sjacobs AT>
Nothing but positive recommendations on the ability of the two artists.
They do only custom work, no flash. Tom and the other artist have
extensive photo albums of their work, and clippings from publications
featuring their work. Shop is small, very friendly. On-site autoclave.
My blackwork tribal piece from Tom has some of the sharpest edges I've
ever seen. Rates are reasonable, especially considering the amount of
consultations and drawings he did. Not limited to one style.

--==*-< >-*==--


8-BALL TATTOO, 2593 Indianola Ave, Columbus 43202, 614/784-8850,
2-10 pm Tues-Sat. $30 min; $30 deposit; competitive prices. Cash
only. Reviewer: Janet Ingraham <jingraha AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Looks a bit on the shoestring side: fairly bare, folding
chairs etc. They DO have a Magic 8-Ball. NO flash on the walls!
Instead, they have a display of excellent bumper stickers by a local
artist (eg: "Warning: Mind Control Experiments next 5 Miles") and other
artwork. Shop is on the fringes of a cozy and settled part of town
(Clintonville). Friends come and hang out.
ARTIST REVIEW--ADAM "ATOMIZER" GRAY: Color work and cover-up. At 23, he
recently won his first national award for cover-up work. Eric
(apprentice): Accomplished local painter, will probably be most into
doing custom.

CHRONIC TATTOOAGE, 104 Cleveland St, Elyria, OH 44035, (216) 323-9656
Rate:m $80.00/hour, cash only.
Reviewed 12/95 by Monica Jones <dmonica AT>
SHOP REVIEW: In a nice, safe neighborhood with parking behind the shop.
Entire staff is friendly and knowledgable, I felt very comfortable
walking in the first time. Tony works in a private cubicle with a door
for privacy, and holds himself and all his staff to a very high standard
of sanitation and professionalism.
ARTIST REVIEW--TONY DERIGO (owner): Tattooing professionally 3 years.
Experienced in various types of art (airbrush, acrylics, oils); much of
work he does are his original drawings. Have never felt as comfortable
with an artist as I do with Tony; has a knack for putting you totally at
ease. Actually fell asleep during my first sitting on my back piece.

TATTOOS BY WOODY, TOLEDO TATTOO, 2068 Airport Hwy, Toledo, 43609
419/382 8805. Reviewer: Jean-Luc Reutter <reutter AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Needles autoclaved but I don't know about new ink for every
customer. Good custom designs, by appointment only, very reasonable
prices. Refuses to do swastika sh*t. Clean & friendly atmosphere.

VIKING STUDIOS, 1988 N High St, Columbus, 43210 614/294-1505
Cash and checks. Reviewer: Jennifer Engel (Jen Angel)
<engel.22 AT>
SHOP REVIEW: The shop is in the campus area and has a very professional,
yet unintimidating atmosphere that's probably due to the very easy-
going styles of Lars and Iggy (who works the front), both in their 20s.
The studio has no flash; is comfortable, easily accessible. The actual
studio where the work takes place is very clean and private.
ARTIST REVIEW--LARS JOHANSSON: Lars did some piercings on me, but I have
witnessed his work in progress and after completion. He does some really
amazing artwork and I respect him first as an artist and then as a
tattooer. I could not be more impressed with his attitude toward
tattooing and toward life in general. I feel the prices are very fair
and lower than other shops i have been in.

--==*-< >-*==--


ATOMIC ART, 1306 NW Hoyt St. St 302, Portland, OR. 503/224-3633
Hours 11am-9pm Tuesday-Saturday, $100/hour, Cash only.
Reviewed 3/96 by: John Thomas Smith <jtsmith AT>.
SHOP REVIEW: Clean (autoclave is prominent on a counter) and bright,
located in a older building housing many small businesses. Everyone in
the shop is VERY careful to maintain a sanitary work area.
ARTIST REVIEW--LONDON BELLMAN: All artists in shop do custom work. I had
London copy a picture of a Tiger's face from a book of cats. London
is/was an artist (drawing and sculpture) before doing tattoo. This is my
first so I have no way to compare with others, but EVERYONE who has seen
the work is very impressed. I would recommend London Bellman to anyone.

--==*-< >-*==--


610/252-7316. (About 2 hours north of Philadlephia)
Hours: 3:00pm to Midnite, closed Mondays. Cash only; all nondisposables
autoclaved, rest trashed. Rates: Smaller pieces $30-$50; Larger pieces
$60/hr starting (the larger the piece, the lower per hour cost).
Reviewer: Sean Maguire <maguire AT>
Standard flash available. The owner (Tom Waltymeyer) works out of the
shop with 2 other artists.

PHILDELPHIA EDDIE'S TATTOO, 605 S. 4th St., Philadelphia, PA.
215/851-9122. Rate: $150/hr. Cash only
Reviewed 3/95 by Aaron Pawlyk <aaron AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Excellent shop, one of the cleanest on South St. Proper
sterilization equipment and set-up. Very hygenic. Smoking IS allowed
(yeah!). Several artists and storefronts available and piercing on
the premises. Best display of flash on the walls I've seen in the city.
Some semi-private and private booths with curtains available.
ARTIST REVIEW--JERSEY JOE: Highly recommended. Does very good
black-work, which comes out very black. Excellent in all regards: Very
good with customers, professional and has a good sense of humour.
Tattooing 30+ yrs. Makes one feel at ease and was willing to do a design
a few other artists said would be very difficult to do.

BODY WORKS TATTOO STUDIO, 106 Nelbon Ave. Pittsburgh, PA
412/731-3462; 412/468-8287. Cost: $100/hr. $40/min
Reviewer: Jack Briggs <che AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Totally clean, no drinking or drugs on the premises.
Smoking outside only. Hospital sterilization, sanitation is an
imperative part of the job for all artists there. Mention this review
in the Tattoo FAQ when you visit the shop.
ARTIST REVIEW--JON TOROK: Very personable artist who makes the customer
feel very at ease. First-timers are always comforted and never rushed.
Always takes time to perfect the piece before he tattoos. Your
satisfaction is his, too. I can't recommend him highly enough.

--==*-< >-*==--


ELECTRIC INK TATTOO, 153 Waterman Ave, E. Providence, RI
401-435-3393. From: Jesse Leigh Parent <jesster AT WPI.EDU>
Needles autoclaved (required by RI law). New needles/ink for
every customer. Cash, VISA and MC; walk-ins welcome.
ARTIST REVIEW--CHRIS BORGE <chris.borge AT>: All-around great
tattoo artist. Specializes in tribal; probably the best in the shop.
SKOTT GREENE: Great for custom to a greater extent. Doing them since
Dec '92, already very adept; the one to see about great custom
designs. (Trained as an airbrush artist)
JOHN MONEZ: no longer permanent artist as of 9/94 but still comes in
occasionally as fill in.
DEAN II: Formerly of Artistic Tattoo of Providence, RI
Note: Don L. no longer works out of Electric Ink as of 11/93.

--==*-< >-*==--


BEALE ST TATTOO, 333 Beale St, Memphis, TN 38103, 901-527-5436
Rate: $100 (min. $40), cash.
Reviewed 12/95 by Bob German <stbob AT>
SHOP REVIEW: No privacy. Relatively clean. I watched him unwrap brand
new needles. Neighborhood? Well, it's Beale Street, and you have to
have been there to understand. It's the home of the Blues.
ARTIST REVIEW--JAMES FAUST: A little rough, but usually I'm OK with
that. POW/MIA stickers on tool cabinet, and an "Impeach Clinton - and
her draft-dodging husband, too!" sticker. Spent entire time talking
about being in the pen, putting his girlfriend in the pen, and dealing
drugs. Tattoo looked fine when he was done, but a week later the scabs
came off & was splotchy and uneven.

--==*-< >-*==--


ATOMIC TATTOO. 5533 Burnet Rd., Austin, TX 512/458-9693
Rate: $80-100/hr. Cash only.
Reviewed '95 by Robb McCauley <robert_mccauley AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Shop is clean and well it. Usual flash on walls. A wall
separates the work cubes from the "front" of the shop and each cubicle
is separated from each other, with miniblinds for privacy. The piercing
room is separated from the rest of the shop, and has a door. The
autoclave is in the back, but visible.
ARTIST REVIEW--LARRY EDWARDS: Larry actually inked me, and has been
tattooing for 19 yrs. He was very helpful in finalising the work. His
chairside manner is good. He won Best Female Backpiece at the 2nd Texas
Tattoo Shootout this year.
MIKE BELZEL: Did the intial drawing for my tat. His artwork is great.

TATTOOS BY GARY. 807-C W Moore, Terrell, TX 75160 214/563-0312
No set rate. Price set on image and work involved. Cash only,
Reviewer: Joy Ellen McManus <eminque AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Shop is in semi-rural Terrell. The shop takes on a psuedo
gawdy chic theme, full of couches and multiple artwork portfolio's. All
required equipment is sterilized thru autoclave and dry heat methods.
Lots of custom flash...
ARTIST REVIEW--GARY JACKSON: Fine detail work/Cover-up work. Tattooing
15+ years. Placed 2nd at 1989 Natl's convention for a full back piece. A
Texan through & through--will talk your ear off or work quietly--very
intuitive about customer's emotional state when tattooing. Very rarely
uses stencils, preferring to hand render images on skin before

DERMOGRAPHICS, 1414 New Boston Rd, Texarkana, TX, (903) 793-2276.
All prices are by piece but relatively cheap; cash only.
Reviewed 9/96 by BrYan Westbrook <westbrok AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Neighborhood is one of the less desireable in Texarkana,
privacy is non-existent as people off the street can walk over to the
work area and look in at any time, she told me that part of the reason
her shop is in the Texas side of town is that the regulations are more
lax than in Arkansas.
ARTIST REVIEW--SANDY AZANCOT: Most work is freehand, roughed out on the
body itself. The tattoo I received is not of the same proportions as the
original picture from which she was working. she spent a great deal of
the time chatting with friends while working on my tattoo.

--==*-< >-*==--


DERMAGRAPHICS OF SEATTLE, 1516 Western Ave, Seattle,
206/622 1535, by appointment only,
Reviewer: Lani Teshima-Miller <lani AT> FAQ maintainer
ARTIST REVIEW--VYVYN LAZONGA: Specializes in combining bold primitive
lines with colorful, flowing abstract geometrics lines, bubbles, etc.
The whole effect is very pleasing, and rather unique, & would work well
for both men and women.
Reviewer: Gail LaForest-Mall <anlace AT>
Artist Review--Vyvyn Lazonga: I have found Vyvyn to be very sensitive
and forth-right. I have great respect for her skill and ability to
sense the needs of the people she works with. I also admire her
courage in her long history of development and recognition as one of
the world's first female tattoo artists.

SEATTLE TATTOO EMPORIUM, 1106 E. Pike St, Seattle 206/622 6895
Reviewer: Hostess <twinkie AT>
SHOP REVIEW: A girl I worked with (who has 14-15 tattoos) told me that
she and her friends had had bad experiences from them in the past,
stemming primarily from their unprofessional behavior in trying to "hit
on them" in what they perceived as rather unflattering ways. Please
note that this did not happen to me when I went, although they did
not provide very good aftercare instructions.
Artist Review #1 by Hostess--HUBBA: I had a decent (if not average)
small rose tattooed by a guy named Hubba at the Seattle Tattoo Emporium.
Artist Review #2 by Kat O'Bryan <kat AT>: Okay, I beg to differ
on this one. I got my (very beautiful) tattoo at Seattle Tattoo
Emporium. Jim Hillary was the artist. I have seen other work he has
done, and I thought it was beautiful. Don't know if I would have gotten
any of the other guys there to do it, but I liked what I saw in his
book. Plus he is a nice guy. I get constant compliments on my tattoo
(whenever I wear a shirt that is low enough in back). I guess any place
can have its mistakes.

ARTISTIC IMPRESSIONS, 4901 N. Market, Spokane 99207, 509/483-6545
$75/hr (1993 rate).
Reviewer: Victor Swan <swanv AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Clean, well lit, open feeling shop. Business-like,
professional and congenial for both men and women (sometimes has a
female apprentice). Clientele are both young and old; shop does not
have a biker image, although bikers do come in from time to time. Has
alot of original flash, much of it not priced. He prices this original
flash after he does a piece once. Buys original tattoo artwork from
local artists.
ARTIST REVIEW--DUFFY MOON: Well worth the top rate in this area. Charges
less if it takes less time than estimate; never charges more than the
quoted price. Excellent technique, skill, craftsmanship. Incredible fine
work. Seems to like the opportunity to be creative--adds to/alters
designs on the fly. His personal, almost full-sleeve tattoos were
full-page pictured in _Skin & Ink_, Feb. '94, p. 61. He and his "Most
Unusual" award winning tattoo from the Chicago Tattoo Tour '93 are in a
full-page picture in Tattoo Ink, Jan. '94, p. 64.

--==*-< >-*==--


T.O.C. TATTOOZ, 2525 N. 15th St., Sheboygan, WI 53081. 414-451-1109
Cost: $50/hour $30 minimum, cash.
Reviewer: Michelle Owen <mick AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Quiet neighborhood, 4' high partition between waiting area
and tattooing area, autoclave, disposable needles and gloves, relaxed
atmosphere, smoking allowed, soda available.
ARTIST REVIEW--SCOTTY K.: Easy going, relaxed, helpful and suggestive
with design creation, superior use of shading, does work at a
comfortable pace, talkative and friendly.

--==*-< >-*==--


--==*-< >-*==--


UNIVERSAL TATTOO, 613 Johnson St., Victoria, BC. Ph: 604-995-0313
C$100/ hour with free touch-ups if needed. Cash only
Reviewed 4/96 by: Zack McDonald <zack.macdonald AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Lobby floor newly renovated! Shop looks like a skater shop
by the flash and decor. Work cubicles are private if you desire. There
is an autoclave for each artist, and are well used. New needles, ink, &
gloves, with a fresh pair of gloves when anything unclean is handled.
The artists tattoo areas are never less than spotless.
ARTIST REVIEW--JEFF SLAUENWHITE: Specializes in black & grey work. A
fairly new tattooist, 3 years professionally. Apprenticed with Geof
Briggs. Sense of humor and professional attitude blend together
beautifully at chairside. Everything I have by him is custom, and they
turned out great. I even brought my mother to him for a birthday tattoo.
I'd recommend him to anyone.

--==*-< >-*==--


BLUE DRAGON TATTOO, 253 Wellington, London, 519-434-4706
Reviewer: Lance "Lydia Awards" Bailey <zaphod AT>
Busiest shop in town, does a lot of flash work. Found them either
pretty grumpy/opinionated or at times friendly.

NIGHTHAWK TATTOO AND GALLERY, 82 Norfolk St. Guelph, Ontario
Canada N1H 4J2; ph. 519/767-0801. Payment with cash only. Sanitary;
work area curtained off.
Reviewer: Johanna Botari <ae814 AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Pleasant environment, nice lounge, lots of cushions--
Welcoming to the curious and the enthusiast. Actual art gallery for
local artists. Info on local arts scene, health authorityinfo on safe
sex (free condoms!)/drugs/crisis services distributed by shop. Customer
oriented, regardless of customer.
ARTIST REVIEW--LAURIE STEWART: Specializes in wildlife/nature. 4 years
on her own, fine art background. Pleasant and comfortable manner.
Patient, spends much time w/ customers working out exactly thedesign(s)
they want. Apprenticed ~1yr with another local, whosestudio she left due
to lack of sanitation and manners, and willnot discuss beyond that. Note
of interest: No art on herself.

REAL TATTOOS BY ZAP, 1043 Second Avenue East (at Rear), Owen Sound
Ontario, Canada N4K 2H8 Ph: 519/371-8088
Rate: $120.00 Canadian per hour, cash only
Reviewed 6/96 by: Kenneth Thomson <harkaway AT>
SHOP REVIEW: In a bright new building with two rooms for privacy. At
Zap's request, shop has been checked out by the local Health Board . He
wears gloves and use new needles.
ARTIST REVIEW--AL "ZAP" ZIMMERMAN: Tribal, oriental, traditional, custom
work. Has been in the field for 10 yrs, and has a background in
college-level design. Loves a tattooing challenge (e.g. coverup) and
will talk about the fine points of tattooing with anyone. Takes pride in
his work. Portfolio available for perusal. Especially likes custom work.

TATTOO ART BY GEORGE LEWIS. 244 King St S, Waterloo, Ont.
N2J 1R4 (519) 576-8054. Visa/Mastercard accepted.
According to their card: Ultra modern; sterile conditions; modern
designs--fine line; cover-up work; custom work; lifetime guarantee.
Appts only. Also does pierces.
Reviewer: Judy Carr <jcarr4 AT>
Artists: George Lewis, Ken Lewis, Todd Evans.
Tho' I don't know much about 'good' or 'bad' tattoos, believe mine are
very well done!

TATTOOS UNLIMITED, 847 Dufferrin, 519-672-8025
Reviewer: Lance "Lydia Awards" Bailey <zaphod AT>
Al Newcombe has been tattooing in London for a looong time. His work is
mostly flash, can create stencils from your artwork. His work tends to
have a '50s feel--the stuff you see on ex-seamen.

--==*-< >-*==--


TATOUAGE ARTISTIQUE, 1962 Ontario E, Montreal, 514/529-TATU.
CAN$100 / hr (~US$65). Cash only
Reviewed 6/95 by: Mark Reynolds <70031.1652 AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Wide selection of flash, but apparently do a lot of custom
and cover-up work (they have photos of some very nice work). Often has
visiting guest artists. 'Hospital' type sterilization with an autoclave
and always single-use needles. They pull the tubes &needle bars from
'claved bags and assemble the machine in front of you. Very clean, and
very reassuring.
ARTIST REVIEWS--KEITH STEWART (owner): Tattooing 20 yrs, apprenticed
at Pt. St. Charles Tattoos for 13+ years before opening own shop in
Montreal. Organizer/sponsor of the Montreal Int'l Tattoo Expo for 2
years. Member of NTA, APT ,etc. Reserved but approachable.
RANDY STEWART (Keith's son): Tattooing 5+ years, apprenticed with
father. Laid back & easy going, but meticulous. While he was working on
me I asked him to 'add a bit of this color here, leave this area
untouched', etc., he complied without making me feel like a pain. That
may be common among tattoo artists, but I'm easily impressed by true

--==*-< >-*==--



NEW WAVE TATTOO, 157 Sydney Road, Muswell Hill, London N10 2NL.
Tel: 0181-444 8779. Hours: 10:30 to 5:30, works on appointment only,
except Saturdays when its first-come first-served. 10 pounds sterling
deposit with all appointment bookings.
ARTIST REVIEW--Reviewed 11/95 by: Anna Beint <anna.beint AT>
LAL HARDY: I'm absolutely delighted with my tat, a custom job (just
took in a picture and told him how I wanted it to look). He sent me
the design for approval, also telling me how long it would take and
how much it would cost before I had to commit myself to an
appointment. Reviewer: Andy Richardson <A.Richardson AT>
LAL HARDY: Has been tattooing for 17 yrs altogether with 14 yrs at the
current studio. He has won many awards (I counted at least 4 from just
the last 3 months) and is probably the best known artist in London if
not the UK. His walls are covered with certificates from associations
from all around the world. He said that he enjoys Celtic work
especially, but really just likes working with customers on their own
designs and meeting people who come in for whatever reason. A very
cool bloke who knows his stuff.
MARTIN CLARK: Has been tattooing for 4 years and is a trained graphic
artist (also does airbrushing and pencil art). Again, although he does
not have any style, he particularly enjoys black and white work and
fantasy/gothic stuff (my description).
Both prefer to do custom work. I have gotten all my stuff here, as this
is the friendliest studio that I have found so far. Lal organises the
Dunstable Tat Expo every year, is billed as the friendliest expo in the
world. There are no charges for consultation or drawing out of ideas.
They do not work on drunks, and do not tattoo hands, necks or faces.
They'll do touch ups or repairs on their work for free. I was very
impressed with how down to earth they both are.

DENNIS COCKEL, Walkers' Court London W1 (a small side street in Soho).
Reviewer: Andy Richardson <A.Richardson AT>
Tattooed myself and a girlfriend about four years ago and we are both
very satisfied.

MARK AND ANDY, Kensington Market, London W8.
Reviewer: Andy Richardson <A.Richardson AT>
Their designs were drawn by several artists over many years, claim to
do award winning custom work & my opinion is they are good. The parlor
is on the basement of the market building; doesn't have anyname (as I
remember); not listed on yellow pages.

SAINT'S PARLOR, Portobello Road, London
Reviewer: Andy Richardson <A.Richardson AT>
Warning: He had some photos of tattoos he had done that at first looked
ordinary, but if you look more closely, you can see he has redrawn
parts of the design on the photo afterwards by pen. At least I wouldn't
trust on a tattooist who does that!

INTO YOU, 144 St Johns Street, London EC1V 4UA, 071 253 5085
Reviewer: Dan Chalmers <etldlcs AT>.
Dave Stanford <dave AT> reports that as of 4/97,
tattoo artists are Alex Binnie, Curly and Myles. Piercing also
available. The studio hours are 12:00 noon to 7:00pm Tuesday to Friday
and noon to 6:00pm Saturday.
ARTIST REVIEW--ALEX BINNIE (tribal/abstract): Alex may be known to
those in the US as he has traveled to various shops here. He does mostly
tribal and abstract stuff.
Piercer: Cushla Adamson.


T.A.T.S., 160 Oxford Road, Reading, Berks, RG1 7PJ, 01734 598616
Rate: ^\50 (aprox), Cash/Cheque (with card)
Reviewed 6/96 by David Thompson <dthompson AT>
SHOP REVIEW: Clean and friendly, not traditional 'dive'. Easy to get to:
Close to town centre and on a main bus route. Inside, there are plenty
of designs and photos to get a feel for Ian's work, including award
winners "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" and the gorillas back piece. Work is
done in a seperate room for privacy.
ARTIST REVIEW--IAN OF READING: Internationally well-known. Involved in
arranging tattoo expos (e.g. Dunstable). Freehand control of line/colour
brilliant. Incredible photo-realistic work. Can interpret original
designs with flair, discusses ideas thoroughly. If you go, make sure to
say you heard of him through the 'net, and David sent you!


TERRY'S TATTOO STUDIO, 23 Ghisholm, Glasgow G1 5HA, UK Tel 0141/552-5740.
Reviewer: Andy Richardson <A.Richardson AT>
Three artists in 1992: Terry, Stuart, & Steven--Quite popular. The
ready-made designs were nice & my boyfriend is very satisfied w/ his
tattoo. A first-timer can feel comfortable, since it looks like an
ordinary shop w/ show window & quite large, light waiting room for

Irezumi Tattoo Studio, 25 Dowanhill St., Glasgow G11 5QR, 0141 342 4008
Reviewer: Leslye Weir <lezlian1 AT>
SHOP REVIEW: The shop is in an easy to find and very diverse location,
with good parking. Hygiene is of high importance with all stringent
procedures carried out in front of you, with equipment being
autoclaved. Shop has separate non-smoking waiting area and is light
and modern inside, with plenty examples of flash and Steven's own
artwork on display along with many photographs.
ARTIST REVIEW--Steven Wrigley: Steven is a friendly and easy going guy
(watch out for the wry sense of humour!), more than happy to discuss
ideas and suggestions. A very conscientious worker, nay
perfectionist, willing to draw designs from your ideas for your
approval. Has a great eye for placement and use of colour. An
unassuming character with pride in his work and your satisfaction.
Son of the late Terry Wrigley of Terry's Tattoos (also Glasgow)

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(ACID SHOP) STUDIO TATTOO. ul. Ogrodowa 20, 61-820 Poznan,
Poland Phone: 522-851. Hours: 11:00am-9:00pm.
Needles sterilized via pressurized steamer (120C)
Reviewer: Ulf Nagel <ulfn AT>
ARTIST REVIEW--SLAWEK SLAVOMIR: Has been tattooing since 1990, when
Poland & Russia were introduced to a free market economy. The only other
person in Poland who has been tattooing longer (6 years)is in Gdansk.
Slawek is yet to refine a specialization. He recently won an award at a
German tattoo convention.

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TATTOO DEMON, Turnergasse 15, A-1150, Vienna; ph. 0043-1-893 38 06
Payment with cash only. Rate equivalent to $100/hr.
Reviewer: Herbert Paulis <herbert.paulis AT>
SHOP REVIEW: New needles and colors on every customer, otherwise sterile
equipment. Artists also use doctor's gloves. There is a private tattoo
room and two public tattoo places where artists can be watched during
work. Shop is placed in a fair residental district in the middle of
Vienna, next to a park. Apart from Berni two permanently employed and
frequently several guest artists.
ARTIST REVIEW--BERNI LUTHER (Travellin' Berni): Specializes in big
pieces, cover-up work. Berni is a terrific artist who does also a
tremendous job at designing unique pieces for a customer. His needle
work is famous esp. for his shadowing techniques. Appointment is
absolutely necessary, commonly several months in advance. Although a
great artist, he is sometimes very rude to his customers and misses
appointments. Still worth the trouble if you get an appointment!

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TATTOOING BY HORI WAKA, Green Haitsu (sic--"Heights") Asakusa
601, 2-19-9, Nishiasakusa, Taitou-ku, Tokyo, 111, Japan.
Horiwaka uses both traditional Japanese tools, as well as a machine.

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