In Memory of Cosmo

We met Cosmo on March 26, 1991 at the Humane Society animal shelter in Austin, TX. She was a stray, and they estimated that she was about a year old at the time. We adopted her, and she became part of our family. Here are some pictures from the first day when we met her.

She liked to swim in our pool. She would leap off the side right into the water, and she would swim up to us and try to climb on top of us. (1991)
We got her a Santa hat for Christmas. She didn't really like wearing it, but we managed to convince her to pose before pulling it off. (1992)
We even bought her a little dog life vest. She could swim just fine, but we thought she looked cute in it. (1993)
In the winter, we had to wrap her up so she wouldn't be cold. If we didn't, she would shiver, and if it was really cold, she would jump up on our bed and snuggle down in between us. (1993)
We tried taking her hiking, but she just wasn't a good hiker. On the first hike, she kept veering off into the nearest shade and lying down. The second time, she burned her feet on the pavement at the start of the hike. After a while, she just refused to walk any more. We ended up having to carry her down the mountain. (1995)
Even after four years with us, she was still skeptical about the Santa hat. (1995)
After we got Ripley, she and Cosmo kept each other company. (1997)
Cosmo never liked kids much, but after Lucinda was born, she accepted her as part of our family. She didn't mind sharing her dog bed. (2000)
Here's Cosmo wearing Lucinda's pink feather boa. (2002)
She even got so mellow that she wasn't freaked out by Lucinda's birthday party with all the kids running around. (2003)
Towards the end, she spent almost all her time sleeping, and Lucinda liked to cuddle with her in the dog bed. (2003)
Here is Cosmo's final resting place, back home with us.
We will never forget her.